Amplified VHF/UHF/FM  (150-1607)     Features          Faxback Doc. # 8615
Portable Antenna

The Radio Shack Amplified VHF/UHF/FM Portable Antenna is designed to
improve reception for a pocket-sized TV, a small-screen TV, or a portable
stereo FM receiver with a 3.5mm external antenna jack.  The antenna's
compact, lightweight design makes it easy to carry.  Other outstanding
features include the following:

Boost/Normal Switch  - lets you adjust the antenna to receive a weak or
                       strong signal.

Boost Indicator      - lights when the signal is boosted.

Two Power Supplies   - lets you power the antenna from batteries or an AC

Telescoping Rods     - easily adjust to various lengths and angles for
                       best reception.

Three-Position Stand - adjust for the best position and stability.


To power the antenna from an AC outlet, insert the supplied adapter's
small plug into the antenna's 3VDC 100mA jack.  Then, plug the adapter
into a standard AC outlet.

Cautions:  Connect the adapter to an AC outlet only after you connect it
           to the antenna.

           Use only the supplied adapter.  Using another adapter might
           seriously damage the antenna or the adapter.


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