SR2010 Satellite Receiver  (160-2501)      Parts        Faxback Doc. # 8006

   HSTV Item                   Cat/Part#       Orderable At
---------------               ---------        --------------
SR-2010 Receiver                16-2501         National Parts
8 1/2 foot Dish                 16-2502         National Parts
10 1/2 ft. Dish                 16-2506         National Parts
*50, 60, 80 deg LNB*            16-2503*       *National Parts*
**HSTV Feedhorn                 16-2504         National Parts
Dish Aimer Diskette             DB-0101         Force Feed

* When ordering an LNB through National Parts you must
 contact Sheila Harrison and give her the degree you
 require (since the Cat #s are the same).  Also be cer-
 tain to specify the frequency (430-930 MHz).  When the
 LNB arrives it will be marked 80 degree, however, the
 box will be marked correctly.

** NOTE **  Polarotor motors (servo motors) are a repair only
item, therefore, the entire feedhorn must be sent to service.

8 1/2' KU Mesh panel    TCE-0150        National Parts
10 1/2' KU Mesh panel   TCE-9040        National Parts
125' cable              WT-1001         National Parts
100' extension cable                    Consumer Mail
50' extension cable                     Consumer Mail
Inline Coax Amp         15-1115         Regional Warehouse
Dish Security Alarm     49-441          Regional Warehouse

Ribs, Rings, Bolts                      Tandy Dist. Products
*Dish Drive Mt Bolt     810014-411      National Parts
**H/S Screw kit         HD-0282         National Parts
Screw + Bolt kit
 (turret/HS gear area)  HW1602502B      National Parts
Mesh Panel clips        810085-050      National Parts
Gear Grease             TCE 0245        National Parts
Motor Cover Seals (x4)  HC4750          National Parts
                        HC4751          National Parts
                        HC4756          National Parts
                        HC4757          National Parts

* Bolt problem on 10.5' systems-mounting pivot bolts too short. Stores can
order new bolt kit from Nat'l Parts (no charge to customer-store pays
Includes longer bolts, lock washers, and instructions. -6/16/87

** The set screws opposite half sector gear have been re-designed.
(Nat'l Parts- part # HD-0282).  Order QTY of 1 -- as they are shipped in
sets of 2. - 2/22/88


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