15-1989, 2-in-One Universal Remote Control

Cable Converters:

Device Types
You can use the remote control's device keys to control these types of devices:
Device Key to Use Device Type
CBL Cable converters

Setting Up Your Remote Control
  1. Refer to codes above to setup your 2-in-One remote.
    Note: Some manufacturers have several codes listed. Try each until you find the right one.
  2. Hold down P until the red light blinks twice, then enter the 4-digit manufacturer's code for the desired device. When the red light blinks twice, the remote control has accepted the code.

    For example, to set up the remote control of a Panasonic TV (manufacturer’s code 0051), press TV, hold down P until the red light blinks twice, then press 0 0 5 1.

    * Note: If you entered the code incorrectly, the red light blink once.

  3. Point the remote control at your TV (or cable converter) and press POWER. The device should turn off.

    If the remote does not operate your device, try the other codes listed above for your brand of TV or cable converter.

  4. Repeat Steps 2–5 to program the other device (cable converter or TV).

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