3-in-1 Remote Control
(150-1910)                 Preparation                Faxback Doc. # 38402


Before you begin to use the 3-in-1, it is helpful to understand a little
about how it works - nothing technical - only an idea of what you can
expect from the 3-in-1.

After you set up the 3-in-1, its command keys work like the keys on your
original remote controls, though the labeling might differ slightly.  For
example, a key on your original remote control labeled PWR ON/OFF is
equivalent to the 3-in-1's POWER key.


    The PROG key is a special key that you use when you set up the 3-in-1
    to replace your original controls.

    The TV, VCR, and CBL keys are device keys.  You use them when you set
    up the 3-in-1 to replace your original remote controls.  You also use
    the device keys during normal operation to tell the 3-in-1 which
    device you want to control.


Follow these steps to set up your 3-in-1.

1.  Remove the battery compartment cover and install two fresh AAA
    alkaline batteries (Radio Shack Cat. No. 23-555) as indicated by the
    illustration in the battery compartment.


    Do not place objects on top of the remote control after you install
    the batteries.  This can press down keys and reduce battery life.

2.  Refer to "Manufacturer's Codes I," Faxback Doc. # 17392, or 
    "Manufacturer's Codes II," Faxback Doc. # 38404, and write down the 
    codes for your original remote controls on the provided label.

3.  Press the device key for the remote you are replacing
    (TV, VCR, or CBL).

4.  Press down and hold PROG until the red indicator blinks, and continue
    holding it down as you enter the 3-digit manufacturer's code.

    For example, to replace a Panasonic TV's remote control
    (manufacturer code (051), you would press:

    TV - PROG - 0 - 5 - 1

5.  When the indicator blinks twice, release PROG.

6.  Point the 3-in-1 at your device and press POWER.  The device should
    turn on (or off, if it was on).

Repeat Steps 2-6 for additional devices.


    The punch-through feature is automatically turned on for the TV's
    volume and mute controls.  This means that when you select CBL and
    press one of the volume buttons or the MUTE button, the remote
    actually sends the codes to the television, and not the cable
    converter.  If you want to use your cable converter's volume and mute
    controls, disable the punch-through feature for these buttons.
    See "Operation," Faxback Doc. # 38403.

    If the remote does not operate your device, try other codes listed in
    "Manufacturer's Codes" for your brand of TV, VCR, or cable box.

    If your device still does not respond, follow the steps outlined in
    "Troubleshooting," Faxback Doc. # 38405.


    The Red indicator at the top of the 3-in-1 flashes twice when you
    enter a code that it recognizes.  (This does not mean that it is the
    right code for your device, however.)

    When the 3-in-1's  range decreases or the 3-in-1 operates erratically,
    replace the batteries.


    Be sure to have the fresh batteries ready to install before you remove
    the old batteries.  The 3-in-1's memory only lasts about a minute
    without the batteries.  If the memory is lost, simply re-enter the
    3-digit manufacturer's codes for your remote control products.


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