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630-1027 Wireless Remote Thermometer Sensor

Question: What is the battery life?

The battery life will depend on a number of factors, which make it impossible to provide an estimate. When the batteries need replacing, the Low Battery icon ( a battery with a diagonal line through it) will appear on the display.

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Question: What is the accuracy?

The accuracy depends on the measured temperature. The accuracies are as follows:
Temperature Range Accuracy
-4° to 32° F
-20° to 0° C
± 4
32° to 104° F
0° to 40° C
± 2
104° to 122° F
40° to 50° C
± 4
122° to 140° F
50° to 60° C
± 6

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Question: What is the operating frequency and range?

The operating frequency is 433.9 MHz. The range will depend on obstructions and ambient RFI (radio frequency interference) in the area.

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Question: Will the plastic on the outdoor sensor turn yellow?

No. The plastic used in the 63-1027 has additives to prevent discoloration or yellowing from UV rays.

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Question: Is there additional information on-line?

Additional information for this product is available on-line.

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