The RS 6-In-1 Remote powered by Kameleon™  is the next-generation of universal remote controls. It allows the user the operate up to six devices with its unique graphical touch-screen interface. Whether watching TV or listening to music, the brightly lit display provides an easy-to-use screen only showing keys that are functional for the device being controlled.  

There are no fixed buttons, but animated graphics showing the current mode and relevant control options.

Most universal remote controls do not accommodate special features of the original remote, but the RS 6-In-1 Remote powered by Kameleon™ does. It comes with a library of pre-programmed codes and has the ability to "learn" so that the user can now adjust the tracking on a VCR or the contrast on a TV.

Like other remotes the RS 6-In-1 Remote powered by Kameleon™ comes with the codes for most brands of home entertainment devices, but what if the codes listed do not work or there is no listing for the device brand? Well, the RS 6-In-1 Remote powered by Kameleon™ has the largest searchable infrared remote control code library.
Four macro keys are included on the RS 6-In-1 Remote powered by Kameleon™ for instant activation of favorite key sequences.

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