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 Frequently Asked Questions on Telephone Memory Programming

Question: How do I program numbers into my telephone's memory?

There are four basic types and ways of programming numbers into memory for corded and cordless telephones. If it is a cordless telephone, the telephone needs to be turned off so that no dial tone is heard. Use the programming steps below in which the description best matches your telephone:

The telephone has both a STORE button and a MEMORY button on the keypad.

  1. Lift the handset.
  2. Press STORE.
  3. Enter the telephone number you want to store.
    Note: A pause entry counts as 1 digit.
  4. Press MEMORY once.
  5. Enter the 2-digit number (01-20) for the location where you want to store the number.

The telephone has a MEMORY button only.

  1. Press MEMORY.
  2. Enter the telephone number.
  3. Press MEMORY again.
  4. Press either the PRIORITY button or the memory location number.
    Note: Those telephones that have 20 memory locations, other than the priority numbers, will be 01-20. Those that have only 10 memory locations, other than the priority numbers, will be 0-9.

The telephone has a STORE switch at the top of the base.

  1. With the handset off the cradle, set NORMAL/STORE to STORE.
  2. Enter the telephone number and any pauses, flash signal, or pulse-to-tone, changes that you want to store.
    Note: If you make a mistake, press and hold down the switch-hook for a few seconds. Then release the switch-hook and begin again.
  3. Select the memory location as follows:
    For a Priority Memory number press M1, M2, or M3.
    For an additional memory number, press MEMORY then enter any two-digit memory location number (01-10).
  4. Return the handset to the cradle.

The telephone has a recessed STORE hole at the top of the base.

  1. Press STORE.
  2. Enter the telephone number.
  3. Press STORE again and then the memory location button.
    Location buttons on this type of telephone are generally marked with the "Fire", "Police" and "Ambulance" symbols.


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