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Abacus™ Digital Wrist Net™ Watch  (630-5315)

Product Specific Questions

Question: The display on my watch has gone. How can I get it back?

Depending on which mode your watch is in, you will need to do one of three things. If your watch is in the "Watch OFF" mode, any button can be pressed in order to "wake up" the watch. To reset your watch if it is in the "Switch OFF" mode, press all three buttons on the right of the watch simultaneously. If your watch is in "Sleep" mode due to a low battery charge, the watch battery should be recharged on the charging stand. After a couple of minutes, the display should indicate that the watch is charging. Sometimes, a static charge will cause the display to disappear; and the watch should be reset.

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Question: How do I know when to replace the battery?

You will not need to replace the battery, as the included battery is rechargeable. The watch comes with a charging stand, and the watch is placed on the stand to recharge the battery. To recharge the battery, first connect the charging stand to the power cord, and then plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. Place the charger arm in the open position by rotating it. Close the silver watch clasp on the wrist strap completely, then place the watch onto the charger arm. To ensure that you have the watch correctly placed, pay attention to the diagram on the charger arm. The pushers (the 2 buttons on the left and the 3 buttons on the right) should be in the same position as shown on the diagram.

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Question: How do I set the time?

The only time that you would have to set the time on your watch manually is if you are outside of the service area. If you are inside a service area, the watch will receive the local time from an atomic clock, and the time will set automatically. If you try to set the time while you are in a service area or if you have the watch radio on, the message "Time Set By Network" will display, and you will not be able to set it yourself. If you are outside of the service area or you have the watch radio turned off, the watch will show the date and time display when you enter the Set Time mode. When in this mode, you can set the time manually.

To set the time and date manually:

In the Settings Mode, press Next to scroll to Set Time, then press Enter.

Set the hour – Press Previous or Next to scroll up or down to the hour, then press Enter.

Set the minutes – Press Previous or Next to scroll up or down to the minute, then press Enter.

(press and hold Previous or Next to scroll minutes in 5 minute increments)

Press Next to select AM or PM if in the 12 hour clock mode, then press Enter.

Set the month – Press Previous or Next to scroll up or down to the month, then press Enter.

Set the day – Press Previous or Next to scroll up or down to the day, then press Enter.

Set the year – Press Previous or Next to scroll up or down to the year, then press Enter.

When you are back in a service area or the watch radio is turned on, your watch will automatically update the time from an atomic clock.

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Question: How often will I have to recharge the battery?

A fully charged battery should allow your watch to fully function for about two days. How long your battery lasts depends on how you use your watch. There are a number of factors that will affect how long your battery will last before needing to be recharged. These include the type of watch face displayed, how much information is received, the channel that is displayed most often and whether the radio is kept on or off.

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Question: Is there a way to set the time so that my watch is fast?

Yes. This called the time offset and can be set to five, ten or fifteen minutes ahead of the real time. This setting can be used out of the service area and in the service area, even though the time is set through an atomic clock signal.

To set the time offset:

In the Settings Mode press Next to scroll to Time Offset, then press Enter.
Set the time offset minutes – Press Next until the amount of minutes that you want the watch to be ahead displays, then press Enter.

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Question: Will my watch automatically change to reflect daylight savings time?

Yes it will, as long as you are inside a service area. Your watch will receive a signal from an atomic clock and change accordingly. This also applies to time zones. If you are travelling and enter a different time zone, and you are inside a service area, the watch will update to show the correct local time.

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Question: How do I change the channel and the modes?
Answer: To change the channel, press the channel button on the left side of the watch. To scroll through the channels, keep pressing the channel button or after displaying the current channel, press Next. When you are in the channel you want, press Next to scroll through the different modes of that channel.

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Question: How do I delete information from my watch that I don’t need anymore?
Answer: To delete News articles one at a time, navigate to the News Channel by pressing the Channel button, then press Enter. Press Next or Previous until you find the news article that you want to delete, and press and hold Enter. On the screen you will see the "Erasing" and a trash can icon. When the article has been deleted, "Done" will display.

To delete all News articles at once, navigate to the News Channel and press Enter. Press Channel, press Next and press Enter again to enter the News Settings mode. To select "Erase All", press Next then press Enter. Press Next to select "Yes".

To delete Messages from your watch either one at a time or all at once, follow the directions as for deleting News articles, but first navigate to the Messages Channel.

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Question: How do I turn my watch off?
Answer: The default status of the radio is on. You can only receive updated information, both broadcast and personal, when the radio is turned on; however, turning the radio off from time to time will conserve battery power. While in the Settings mode, press Next to scroll to Radio, then press Enter. Press Next, then press Enter. The radio is now turned off and you will see the Radio OFF icon. Any information that has already been received and stored in the watch can still be accessed. To receive updated information the radio will need to be turned back on.

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Question: If my battery charge gets very low will I lose the data stored in my watch?

No, when the remaining battery charge gets to 10%, the watch will turn off. The screen will be blank, and the watch will maintain the memory contents. When the remaining battery charge reaches 30%, a low battery indicator will display and it should be recharged as soon as possible. At 20%, a message appears on the screen, and the watch goes into low battery mode. Recharging the battery can take up to four hours, and it can be recharged at any time. When it is fully charged, a "Charged" message will display on the watch.

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Question: Can I cut the watch strap to make it smaller?

No. The watch strap is adjustable, but it should not be cut. The antenna which receives the information that is sent to your watch is located along the inside of the strap, and cutting the strap will damage the antenna. To find the instructions for adjusting the strap, open the watch clasp; and you will see the instructions etched inside the clasp by the gold antenna.
The instructions are as follows:
  1. Remove the spring pin.
  2. Slide buckle to fit.
  3. Replace the spring pin.

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Service Questions

Question: How can I find out what the service areas are?

Currently there is not a listing of the service areas that are covered by this service. The areas that are covered are basically the top 100 largest cities/metropolitan areas in the United States. You can check to see if an area is covered by visiting the area coverage page of the MSN® Direct website and entering the zip code. If the area is covered, a map of the covered area in displayed. If it is not covered, the message "Sorry, we do not have MSN® Direct coverage in your location. Try another ZIP/Postal Code" will display.

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Question: What kind of email account and message service do I have to have in order to receive email and messages?

To use the message service you do not need a new email account. An existing email account can be used and will have to be indicated when you set up your watch service. An MSN Passport account is needed in order to process the setup, and your existing email account can be used for your MSN Passport account.

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Question: What’s the difference between channels and modes?

The information in your watch is organized into channels, and each channel contains one or more modes. When you sign up for service, you can choose which channels and modes to display on your watch. Channels include but are not limited to Time, News, Weather, Watch Faces, Sports, Stocks, Daily Diversions, Calendar and Messages. Each of these channels is divided into smaller sections called modes. The Time channel is divided into modes which include Face, Chrono, Alarm, Timer and Settings modes; the Weather channel is divided into Local Weather, My Cities, North America and International Weather modes; and the News channel has two modes which are News Stories and News Settings.

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Question: What use is my watch if I am out of the service area?

Wherever you are, your Wrist Net™ Watch will serve as an instrument by which to tell the time. Any information that you have previously received, except for outdated weather information, will remain on the watch. Returning to a service area will cause the watch to be updated with current information.

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Question: How does my watch receive information?

Your watch receives both broadcast and personal information via FM radio signals. The radio is turned on by default and must be on to receive information. There are four signal icons, each indicating the strength status of the radio signal.
Full Signal You have the radio turned on, and your watch is receiving both broadcast and personal information.
No Signal You have the radio turned on, but for some reason are not receiving a signal. You may be in a signal shadow, or you have been out of the service area for more than 10 minutes.
Good Signal but Personal Information
not being received
You have your radio turned on, but you are only receiving broadcast information. You are in a service area, but out of your home coverage area.
Radio turned OFF You have your radio turned OFF, and you cannot receive either broadcast or personal information.

When you first set up your watch, you will Enter your personal information which will include your watch ID number and your location. Even if you travel outside of your home location, you can still receive your personal information, i.e. appointments and messages, by signing onto the MSN® Direct website and entering your travel schedule. Personal information will be then be sent to the new location on the dates that you specify.

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Question: What do I have to do to get my watch activated?

Before your watch is activated, fully charge the battery. When this is done you can activate and personalize your service. Take the watch off of the charger, and make sure that it is turned on. If you do not see anything on the screen, press the three buttons on the right simultaneously. A watch face will appear. To begin the Registering process, press Channel until you see the Register screen (the word Register with an exclamation mark above it). After a short while, the ID of your watch will appear on the screen. Connect to the Internet, and go to the link that is on the watch screen above the ID. Follow the instructions to register and personalize your account. A "Welcome" message will appear on your watch when the activation is complete. Also, the watch will receive other configuration information based the information you entered during registration. Within twenty-four hours, you should also receive a confirmation email message.

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General Questions

Question: Can I buy this watch at a RadioShack store?

Abacus™ Digital Wrist Net™ Watch (630-5315) can be purchased online at or ordered at your local RadioShack store.

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