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Shortwave Radio Station List

The following list contains some of the more frequently heard stations. All stations broadcast in English unless otherwise specified. You can hear these stations throughout North America. However, reception varies bases on the season, time of day, and a number of other conditions. This information is subject to change at any time without notice.
kHz Station Location Program Type
  3223 Radio SR Swaziland  
  3265 Radio Mozambique Maputo, Mozambique  
  3300 Radio Cultural Guatemala City, Guatemala Religious
  3380 Radio Iris Esmeraldas, Ecuador Spanish
  3285 FR3 Cayenne, French Guiana French
  3396 Radio Kaduna Kaduna, Nigeria  
  4750 Radio Bertoua Bertoua, Cameroon  
  4755 Imo Regional Radio Imo, Nigeria  
  4777 Radio/TV Gabon Libreville, Gabon French
  4795 Radio Nueva America La Paz, Bolivia Spanish
  4820 Radio Paz y Bien Ambala, Ecuador Spanish
  4832 Radio Reloj San Jose, Costa Rica Spanish
  4855 Radio Clube do Para Belem, Brazil Portugese
  4890 National Broadcasting Commission Papua, New Guinea  
  4915 Voice Kenya Nairobi, Kenya  
  4920 Australian Broadcasting Commission Brisbane, Australia  
  4945 Radio Colosal Neiva, Colombia Spanish
  4965 Radio Santa Fe Bogota, Colombia Spanish
  4980 Ecos del Torbes San Cristobal, Venezuela Spanish
  5020 Solomon Islands Broadcasting Service Honiara, Solomon Islands  
  5057 Radio Gjirokaster Gjirokaster, Albania Albanian
  5950 Guyana Broadcasting Service Georgetown, Guyana  
  5954 Radio Casino Puerto Limon, Costa Rica  
  5960 Radio Canada International Montreal, Canada  
  5980 Radio RSA Johannesburg, South Africa  
  6005 CFCX Montreal, Canada  
  6025 Radio Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chinese
  6045 Radio Australia Lyndhurst, Australia  
  6055 Nihon Shortwave Broadcasting Company Tokyo, Japan Japanese
  6060 Radio Nacional Buenos Aires, Argentina Spanish
  6075 Radio Sutatenza Bogota, Colombia Spanish
  6090 Radio Luxembourg Ville Louvigny,Luxembourg  
  6095 Polskie Radio Warsaw, Poland  
  6105 Radio New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand  
  7140 Trans World Radio Monte Carlo, Monaco  
  7170 Radio Noumea Noumea, New Caledonia French
  7300 Radio Noumea Tirana, Albania  
  9475 Radio Cairo Cairo, Egypt  
  9515 Voice of Greece Athens, Greece  
  9525 Radio Korea Seoul, South Korea  
  9530 Spanish Foreign Radio Madrid, Spain  
  9535 Swiss Radio International Berne, Switzerland  
  9540 Radio Prague Prague, Czech Republic  
  9570 Radio Bucharest Bucharest, Romania  
  9575 Italian Radio and Television Service Rome, Italy  
  9610 Radio-TV Algeria Algiers, Algeria Arabic
  9620 Radio Berlin International Berlin, Germany  
  9645 Radio Norway Oslo, Norway  
  9720 Radio Iran Tehran, Iran Farsi
  9745 HCJB Quita, Ecuador  
  9770 Austrian Radio Vienna, Austria  
  9800 Radio Kiev Kiev, Ukraine  
  9835 Radio Budapest Budapest, Hungary  
10,040 Voice of Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam  
11,655 Israel Radio Jerusalem, Israel  
11,690 Radio Kuwait Kuwait City, Kuwait  
11,705 Radio Sweden Stockholm, Sweden  
11,720 Radio Moscow Moscow, Russia  
11,725 Radio Sofia Sofia, Bulgaria  
11,745 Voice of Free China Taipei, Taiwan  
11,815 Radio Japan Tokyo, Japan  
11,825 Radio Tahiti Papeete, Tahiti Tahitian
11,835 4VEH Cap Haitien, Haiti  
11,845 Radio Canada Montreal, Canada  
11,850 Deutsche Welle Cologne, Germany  
11,890 Voice of Chile Santiago, Chile  
11,900 Radio RSA Johannesburg, South Africa  
11,910 BBC London, England  
11,930 Radio Havana Cuba Havana, Cuba  
11,935 Radio Portugal Lisbon, Portugal  
11,945 Radio Beijing Beijing, China  
11,955 Voice of Turkey Ankara, Turkey  
11,980 Radio Moscow Moscow, Russia  
15,038 Saudi Arabian Broadcasting Service Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Arabic
15,084 Voice of Iran Tehran, Iran Farsi
15,135 Radio Moscow Moscow, Russia  
15,165 HCJB Quito, Ecuador  
15,190 ORU Brussels, Belgium  
15,205 All India Radio New Delhi, India  
15,260 BBC London, England  
15,265 Finnish Radio Helsinki, Finland  
15,275 Radio Sweden Stockholm, Sweden  
15,305 Swiss Radio International Berne, Switzerland  
15,310 Radio Japan Tokyo, Japan  
15,320 Radio Australia Melbourne, Australia  
14,400 BBC London, England  
15,430 Radio Mexico Mexico City, Mexico Spanish
15,465 Radio Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan Urdu
17,720 Radio France International Paris, France  
17,825 Vatican Radio Vatican City  
17,860 Austrian Radio Vienna, Austria  
21,495 Israel Radio Jerusalem, Israel  
21,525 Radio Australia Melbourne, Australia  
21,625 Israel Radio Jerusalem, Israel  
21,645 Radio France International Paris, France  
21,735 Radio-TV Morocco Rabat, Morocco Arabic
25,790 Radio RSA Johannesburg, South Africa  

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