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Shortwave Radio Accessories


External antennas are used with shortwave radios in order to extend the range of the radio. If your radio has an external antenna jack, you can use the Outdoor Antenna Kit shown below. If your radio does not have an external antenna jack, or you need an external antenna for traveling, we recommend the Portable Shortwave Antenna instead.


Headphones are used to improve the listener's ability to hear distant stations and faint signals, as well as to allow listening without disturbing others. This last is important because shortwave is best propagated at night, meaning that the best listening is at that time. Many shortwave radios have a mono (single-channel) audio jack for connecting a pair of mono headphones, such as those shown below.

Outdoor Antenna Kit
(Cat. No. 278-758)

For shortwave radios that have an external antenna jack

  70 feet of antenna wire

  50-ft. of insulated lead-in wire


  Window feed-through strip

Portable Shortwave Antenna
(Cat. No. 278-1374)

For shortwave radios that do not have an external antenna jack

  Clips over receiver's rod antenna

  23-foot insulated wire stores on reel when not in use

Communications Headset
(Cat. No. 20-210)

Comfortable, Lightweight Monaural Headset

Has 1/8" plug and includes a 1/4" adapter

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