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 RadioShack Guide to Scanners


If you are having trouble with your scanner, you should use the following checklist to eliminate some of the more common causes:

Check that you are following the correct steps per the manual.

Check the frequency to be sure you are entering it correctly.

Check the scanner's frequency coverage to be sure that the scanner can receive that frequency.

Check the scanner's reception ability by programming a known continuous voice broadcast such as NOAA on 162.4Mhz – 162.55Mhz.

You can do this by going to the Weather service band (if available on your scanner) or by programming a limit search from 160 Mhz – 170 Mhz.

Reset the scanner as a last resort; this erases all memory contents and resets the radio back to factory settings. You should check our Communications Support Index to see if there is a specific tutorial on resetting your scanner. If there is no tutorial available, you can check our On-line Scanner Manuals for the user's manual for your scanner.

If there is no other information on-line on your scanner, you should try the reset procedure given below; however, for some models there is no reset and the only way to reset the scanner is to remove all power for several minutes.

  1. Turn the scanner off.
  2. Push the 2 and 9 buttons and hold them down.
  3. Turn the scanner on while holding down the buttons.
  4. Continue holding down the 2 and 9 until CLEAR appears on the display, then release the two buttons.

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