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Chasing Birdies

Birdies are frequencies your scanner uses when it operates. These operating frequencies might interfere with broadcasts on the same frequencies. If you program one of these frequencies, you will hear only noise on that frequency. If the interference is not severe, you might be able to turn up the squelch to cut out the birdie. Eight of the most common birdie frequencies to watch for are listed below.

Birdie Frequencies

31.05 MHz 124.20 MHz
41.40 MHz 134.55 MHz
51.75 MHz 144.90 MHz
113.85 MHz 155.25 MHz

You can use the following procedure to check for birdies in your particular scanner.

  1. Remove the antenna.
  2. Turn the scanner on and set up a limit search for all bands on the scanner.
  3. Be sure that the scanner is separated from possible signal sources such as a PC, other transceivers, etc.
  4. Write down the frequencies where the scan stops or detects a continuous noise signal. These are the birdies.

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