Guide to Scanners
Understanding Scanners
Types of Scanners
Scanner Accessories
Trouble- shooting
Reception Issues
Chasing Birdies
Image Reception
Legal Issues
Scanning Hints
Standard Frequencies
Usage and Intervals
Band Allocation
Frequency Conversion
Additional Resources
Scanner Glossary

 RadioShack Guide to Scanners

Frequency Conversion

The tuning of a station can be expressed in frequency (kHz or MHz) or in wavelength (meters). The following information can help you make the necessary conversions.
  • 1 MHz (million) = 1,000 kHz (thousand)

To convert MHz to kHz, multiply by 1,000:

  • 9.62 MHz x 1000 = 9620 kHz

To convert from kHz to MHz, divide by 1,000

  • 2780 kHz / 1000 = 2.780 MHz

To convert MHz to meters, divide 300 by the number of megahertz

  • 300 / 7.1 MHz = 42.25 meters

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