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 200-0526 PRO-96 Digital Trunk-tracking Handheld Scanner

Question: What programming software is presently available for use with the PRO-96?

Starr's Win96 software is written just for the PRO-96.

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Question: The control channel percentage keeps changing; what does it mean?

Tuning the scanner to an active control channel while in Motorola« mode will display the Motorola« System ID and the approximate control channel message decode success rate. This information can help you identify the Motorola« trunking system that you are monitoring and the quality of the control channel signal. The variation indicates the changes in signal quality.

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Question: Is there any way to alter the frequency step?

No, there is not.

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Question: Which Motorola« 9600-baud protocol does this radio work with -- CQPSK or C4FM?

This radio will work with the C4FM and the CQPSK (Compatible Quadrature Phase Shift Keying protocols. The PRO-96 DSP APP U1.2 Upgrade Utility program is available for download at RadioShack's software download page. This upgrade includes added automatic detection, tracking and decoding of CQPSK LSM modulation, fine tuned digital audio level and improved C4FM performance in weak signal conditions. As well as the program file there are instructions for download in PDF format. 

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Question: Can an authorized user (such as a police department) order an unblocked version of this scanner?

No, that is not an option for any of our scanners at this time.

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Question: Some of the V-banks are blank; how do I restore the information?

The simplest method is to clone the scanner from another PRO-96, using a mono cable with a 1/8" phone plug on each end. Alternatively, you can download the zip file of the original load data from StarrSoft and use Win96 to re-load the data.

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Question: Will this successfully scan the Motorola« Passport 400MHz system?

Unfortunately, this is not a system on which the PRO-96 has been tested. The scanner is designed to work with non-encrypted Motorola« Type I & II systems, along with UHF and VHF trunking systems. We can not gaurentee the scanner's functionality with the Motorola« Passport system.

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Question: What is the difference between resetting and initializing the scanner and how do I do them?

If your PRO-96 scanner locks up or is not working properly, you may need to reset or initialize the scanner.  As resetting the scanner does not erase either the working or V-Scanner memories you should try this first. If turning off the scanner or resetting the scanner does not work, you should initialize it. Initializing the scanner will clear all working memory so only perform this operation as a last resort. The V-Scanner memory will not be erased. If you want to save the information in the working memory of the scanner you can try to save it into one of the V-Scanner folders, a computer or another scanner first. 

Reset The Scanner

1. First turn the scanner OFF then back ON again.

2. Insert the end of a paper clip that has been straightened out into the reset opening at the side of the scanner. 

3. Press and release the button that is inside the reset opening. 

Initialize The Scanner

1. First turn the scanner OFF then back on again. 
"Welcome To Digital Trunking" will display 

2. Press the 0 button. "System Tests; Select Test; Exits if no Key Press" will display.

3. Press the number 1 button. "Factory Init; Erase Memory; ENTER if Yes; CL to Exit" will display.

4. Press the ENTER button. "Initializing; Clr Main Mem; V-Scan is OK; Please Wait" will display.

Wait until the initialization of the scanner is complete before turning it off. When the scanner has finished initializing, "M000" will display on the top line and "Bank 0 Ch 00" will display on the bottom line.

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Question: Is there additional information available on-line?

The user's manual for this product is available on-line.

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