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 200-0515 PRO-99 Deluxe Handheld Race Scanner

Question: What is a quiet code?

 The quiet code feature on the PRO-99 allows it to ignore signals that you do not want to hear. This is called CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System). When the scanner picks up a frequency that has the same code as the channel memory it stops and allows you to hear the transmission. 

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Question: What is Zeromatic?

 Zeromatic is function on the PRO-99 that will allow the scanner to automatically tune to the frequency that is the closest step increment to the correct center frequency. When this function is activated (FUNC then 9 keys) Zeromatic ON will display for a short time, then z will display on the left side of the second line down. The Zeromatic function works only in manual tuning and in search banks 0, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

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Question: What do I need to transfer frequencies from one PRO-99 to another?

 You will need a connecting cable with 1/8" (3.5mm) phone plugs on each end. This is available at RadioShack stores, catalog number  420-2420. Steps to clone data from one PRO-99 to another are below:

1.  Turn bother scanners ON.

2.  Connect each end of the cable to the PC/IF jack of a scanner. "**CLONE MODE**Press UP to send, Remove cable to exit" will display.

3.  Press the up arrow. "Confirm send data" 1.->YES. Press other key for NO" will display.

4.  Press the number 1 key on the scanner from which you want to send the data. If you want to cancel, press any other key.

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Question: My keypad will not work.

 There are a couple of reasons for the keypad not working. First check to make sure that the key lock is not activated. When you press any key, if the key lock is active, you should see the words "key locked" on the display. To unlock the keys press FUNC then . Another reason for the keypad not working is that the scanner is locked up. Turn the scanner off then back on again.

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Question: What software is available for the PRO-99?

 Software available for the PRO-99 is the Scancat Lite software. You will also need a scanner/PC interface cable which is available at RadioShack store catalog number 200-0289.

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Question: How do I use the On-Air Programming Feature?

 On-air programming allows you to program your scanner by tuning to a particular frequency provided by the racetrack. Follow the steps below:

1.  Press and hold down the FUNC key for about two seconds. The scanner menu will display.

2.  Press the number 8 key then the number 4 key. On Air Program will display.

3. The default frequency for receiving on-air programming is 154.6000 MHz. If you want to change this to a different frequency, press the number 2 key and enter the frequency that you want to use.
Note: AM frequencies cannot be used, so do not enter a frequency between 108.0000 and 136.9875. Press the ENT key.

4.  Press the number 1 key to begin on-air programming. Ready to Receive will display.

5.  After the scanner has received all data successfully, All Data Correct XX Finished will display, where XX is the channel number.

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Question: Is there additional information available on-line?

The user's manual for this product is available on-line.

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