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 190-1120 HTX-202 2-Meter FM Handy Transceiver

Question: I get an E-2 error on my display.
Answer: This indicates that the Phase Loop Lock (PLL) has come unlocked. The radio should be taken in to your local RadioShack store for repair; they will send it to the nearest Service Center.

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Question: Why can't I get to a repeater?
Answer: To operate with a repeater, you must transmit on the repeater's input frequency and receive on the repeater's output frequency. If you frequently use a repeater that does not have a 600 kHz offset, we recommend you program the repeater frequency into one of the transceiver's memories.

You can override the default offset for each memory.

To change the default offset, follow the steps in "Understanding the Configuration Menu." to display the oS menu item, and rotate TUNE to change the offset. The transceiver lets you set the offset to be in the range from 0 MHz to 4 MHz in steps as set by the frequency step option.


Your transceiver has a configuration menu that lets you modify operation settings. Each of the following sections explain how and when to use each configuration menu and select options.

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Question: Is there additional information available on-line?

Additional information is available on our on-line support page for this product.

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