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PRO-94 (200-0524) Tutorial: How to Program Trunked Frequencies

This tutorial covers programming trunk frequencies into the PRO-94 Scanner (Cat. No. 20-524A). For the tutorial on the PRO-94 Scanner (Cat. No. 20-524), click here.
The PRO-94 scanner will allow you to use the following trunk systems: Motorola Type I, Motorola Type II, and EDACS. For this tutorial, Bank A, system E1, and frequency 866.1625 are used.
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Step 1: Initiate Program Mode
BankA-1ch-866.1625-PGM PRO94-keypad-PROG
Press PROG. PGM will appear on the display.
Step 2: Enter Trunk Mode
BankA-1,2,3,etc.- TRUNK-PGM PRO94-keypad-TRUNK
Press TRUNK. TRUNK will appear on the display and one or more bank numbers (0-10) flash.
Step 3: Select a Bank
BankA-TRUNK-M-E1-PGM PRO94-keypad-UP-DOWN-numberpad
Press the number key (1-10) of the desired target storage bank. Select one of the following trunk system types by repeatedly pressing the UP or DOWN arrow keys. E (EDACS) or M (Motorola) appear on the display depending on which trunk system you have selected.


Display Trunk System
E1 Motorola Type I, 800 MHz frequencies
Ed EDACS frequencies
E2-800 Motorola Type II, 800 MHz frequencies
E2-900 Motorola Type II, 900 MHz frequencies
E2-Hi Motorola Type II, VHF frequencies
E2-UHF Motorola Type II, UHF frequencies
Step 4: Store the Bank
BankA-TRUNK-M-1ch-000.000-PGM PRO94-keypad-SVC(E)
Press E (SVC). The scanner automatically selects the first channel in the selected banks.
Step 5: Select a Frequency within the Trunk System
BankA-TRUNK-1ch-866.1625-PGM PRO94-keypad-numberpad
Use the number keys (0-9) to enter a valid frequency within the trunk system.
Click here for Police Call Frequencies


Step 6: Store the Frequency within the Trunk System
PRO94-26b.jpg (10721 bytes) PRO94-keypad-SVC(E)
Press E (SVC). Bank A and the bank number (1), the channel number, and E (EDACS) or M (Motorola) appears depending upon the trunk system selected.


  • If you enter an invalid frequency (outside the selected range), the scanner beeps, the channel number flashes and ERROR appears. If this happens, press MON/CLR (.) to clear the frequency, then repeat the entry.
  • For EDACS systems, you must enter the frequencies in logical channel number (LCN) order.
  • If you try to enter a duplicate frequency in a bank, the scanner beeps and the channel which was previously stored appears.
  • It is very important that you enter all the listed frequencies for the selected agency in Step 3. Otherwise, trunking will not occur when you press E (SRC).
Step 7: Store Additional Frequencies
BankA-TRUNK-M-2ch-000.000-PGM PRO94-keypad-up-prog
Press PROG or the UP arrow key to select the next channel in the bank. Repeat from Step 5 until you enter all the desired frequencies in that bank.
Step 8: Activate Trunk Scan and Search
BankA-1-2-TRUNK-M-1ch PRO94-keypad-SRC(LIMIT)-SCAN
Press SCAN, then SRC to begin searching for the trunk's data channel and scan conventional frequencies at the same time.

Note: As the scanner looks through the frequencies, you will see them on the display. When the scanner finds the controlling data channel, the scanner begins trunking.


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