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PRO-94 (200-0524) Tutorial: How to Perform a Sevice Bank Search

The Service Bank Search allows you to search for weather, ham, marine, aircraft, or police (fire/emergency) transmissions without knowing the specific frequencies used in your area. The scanner is programmed with all the frequencies allocated to these services. "A Guide to the Action Bands" under Scanner Basics has detailed information on the frequencies allocated to each service band.
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Step 1: Search Service Bank
wx-ham-mrn-air-pol-162.550-SEARCH Pro94-keypad-SVC(E)
Press SVC (E). SEARCH appears and the scanner starts searching the weather service bank.
Step 2: Search More Service Banks
wx-ham-mrn-air-pol-1286.750-SEARCH Pro94-keypad-SVC(E)
To select a different service bank, repeatedly press SVC (E). A black block appears above the selected bank. In the example above, the Ham bank is selected.
Step 3: Hold a Search
wx-ham-mrn-air-pol-1286.750-HOLD-SEARCH Pro94-keypad-A/B(HOLD)
When the scanner stops on a transmission, quickly press HOLD (A/B) to stop searching and to listen to the transmission. HOLD will appear on the display.
Step 4: Store a Frequency
wx-ham-mrn-air-pol-1286.750-HOLD-SEARCH Pro94-keypad-MON/CLR
Press MON/CLR (.) to store the displayed frequency from the previous step into the current monitor memory.
Step 5: Search for Additional Frequencies
wx-ham-mrn-air-pol-1286.750-SEARCH Pro94-keypad-hold-up-down
Press HOLD (A/B) or UP or DOWN arrow keys for at least 1 second to continue searching. Or if you didn't press MON/CLR (.), simply press the UP or DOWN arrow keys for at least one second to continue searching.
Step 6: Exit the Service Bank
BankA-1ch-866.1625-MAN Pro94-keypad-MAN
Press MAN to exit the service bank.

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