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 PRO-99 (200-0515) Tutorial: How to Search Active Frequencies In a Selected Frequency Range

This tutorial will show you how to program the limited search band SR6 to search for frequencies in a specific range.
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Step 1: Enter the Menu Mode

Press and hold down the FUNC key.
Step 2: Enter the Program Limit Search Mode

Using the arrows keys, scroll down to option 6 and press ENT or just press the number 6 key.
Step 3: Enter the Enter the Frequency Mode

Press the number 1 key to enter the frequency mode.
Step 4: Enter the Low Frequency

Using the number keys, enter the lowest frequency from which you want to scan. Press ENT.
Step 5: Enter the High Frequency

Using the number keys, enter the highest frequency to which you want to scan. Press ENT.
Step 6: Enter the Limited Search SR6 Mode

Begin searching between these two frequencies by pressing SRCH/PAUSE.
Step 7: Search from the Lowest Frequency

To search up from the lowest frequency, press FUNC then the up arrow key.
Step 8: Search from the Highest Frequency

To search down from the highest frequency, press the FUNC and the down arrow key.

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