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PRO-89 (200-0514) Tutorial: How to Program Conventional Frequencies

This is a tutorial for programming conventional frequencies into your PRO-89. For this example, we are programming the frequency 148.2500 into channel 3.
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Step 1: Select the Channel Number
Pro89 3 ch 000.0000 MAN Pro89 Keypad - MAN, Number Pad
Press MAN, enter the channel number (1-200) where you want to store a frequency, and press MAN again. In this example, we have selected channel 3.
Step 2: Enter the Program Mode
Pro89 Keypad - PGM
Press PGM. The status changes from MAN (for manual) to PGM (for program). The L/O indicates that this channel is locked-out, which is the default for empty channels.
Step 3: Enter the Frequency
Pro89 3 ch 148.2500 PGM Pro89 Keypad - Number Pad
Use the number keys and the DELAY/. key to enter the frequency (including the decimal point) you want to store. Note that L/O is no longer on the screen.
 Click here for Police Call Frequencies
Step 4: Store the Frequency
Pro89 3 ch 148.2500 PGM Pro89 Keypad - ENTER
Press ENT to store the frequency into the channel. If -dUPL- appears on the display, see Step 5, below.
Step 5: If -dUPL- Appears on the Display…
Pro89 3 ch -dUPL- PGM Pro89 Keypad - MON/CL, ENTER
If you entered a frequency that is already stored in another channel, the scanner beeps three times and displays the lowest channel number where the frequency is already stored and -dUPL- and flashes. The display then goes back to the frequency programming display (as in the previous step) and the frequency flashes. The example above shows the -dUPL- display which would occur if you tried to program the frequency 148.2500 into another channel after programming it into channel 3.

When it returns to the frequency programming display, you can choose to either store the frequency anyway or clear and program a different frequency.

If you want to store the frequency anyway, press ENT again. If you want to clear the frequency, press MON/CL.

Step 6: Set the Delay
Pro89 3 ch 148.2500 PGM DLY Pro89 Keypad - DELAY / . (decimal point)
Press DELAY/. if you want the scanner to pause 2 seconds on this channel before it proceeds to the next channel after a transmission ends. With delay set on a channel, you will see DLY in the lower right corner.
Step 7: Program Additional Frequencies
Pro89 4 ch 000.0000 PGM Pro89 Keypad - PGM
To program the next channel in sequence, press PGM. The scanner will move to the next channel, and you can program the next frequency by repeating from Step 3.
Step 8: Return to Manual Mode
Pro89 3 ch 148.2500 MAN Pro89 Keypad - MAN
When you are done, you can stop programming by pressing MAN. The display changes back to MAN.

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