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 PRO-2067 (200-0196) Tutorial: How to Reset and Initialize The Scanner

This tutorial will show you how to reset and or initialize your scanner if it does not work properly, after you have connected it to a power source.

First, you should try to reset your scanner, and if that does not work then you should try to initialize it. When you initialize your scanner, anything that you have stored in the memory will be erased.

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How to Reset The Scanner

This is the first thing you should try as all information in your scanner's memory will be retained.

Step 1: Turn the Scanner Off and On
pro2067 volume control
Turn the scanner off and back on again.
Step 2: Find the Reset Button
pro2067 reset
At the back of the scanner you will see a hole marked RESET. Insert a straightened out paper clip into this hole.
Step 3: Press the Reset Button
pro2067 display pro2067 reset
Gently press and then release the RESET button inside the hole. As you do this any display information will briefly disappear. "Welcome To Multi-System Trunking" will display for a short time, and then what was displaying before the RESET button was pressed will come back.

How To Initialize the Scanner

Remember, this procedure will erase any information that you have stored in the scanner's memory.

Step 1: Turn the Scanner Off and On
pro2067 volume control
Turn the scanner off and back on again.
Step 2: Initialize the Scanner, Part A
pro2067 display pro2067 keypad
While "Welcome To Multi-System Trunking" is on the display , press the zero (0) key, then the number 1 key.
Step 3: Initialize the Scanner, Part B
pro2067 display pro2067 display
The message "Initializing Please Wait" displays for about 25 seconds, then "Welcome To Multi-System Trunking".

Note: Wait until the "Welcome To Multi-System Trunking" message displays before turning off the scanner.


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