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 RadioShack PRO-96 Digital Trunking Scanner
 (Cat. No. 20-526)

User's Manual PRO-96 Handheld Digital Scanner On-line Catalog
General Information


How to ...
Turn the Scanner On/Off and How to Adjust Squelch

Store Conventional Frequencies

Program Motorola Trunking Systems

Program EDACS Trunking Systems

Program the Priority Channel

Assign Text Tags to a Channel

Assign Text Tags to a Storage Bank

Assign Text Tags to a Group ID

Search a Pre-programmed Frequency Range

Turn Banks On/Off

Delete a Frequency from a Channel

Use Frequency Copy

Use the Weather Band Functions

Load from V-Scanner Folders

Save to V-Scanner Folders

Lock Out Channels or Frequencies

What programming software is presently available for use with the PRO-96?

The control channel percentage keeps changing; what does it mean?

Is there any way to alter the frequency step?

Which Motorola 9600-baud protocol does this radio work with -- CQPSK or C4FM?

Can an authorized user (such as a police department) order an unblocked version of this scanner?

Some of the V-banks are blank; how do I restore the information?

Will this successfully scan the Motorola Passport 400MHz system?

 What is the difference between resetting and initializing the scanner and how do I do them?

Is there additional information on-line?

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