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 RadioShack PRO-94 1000-Channel Dual-Trunking Scanner
 (Cat. No. 20-524 and 20-524A)

User's Manual (20-524)
User's Manual (20-524A)
PRO-94 Handheld Scanner On-line Catalog
General Information


How to...
Perform a Direct Search

Perform a Limit Search

Perform a Service Bank Search

Use the Search Skip Memory

Move a Frequency from Monitor Memory to a Channel

Program Conventional Frequencies

Program Trunked Frequencies on the 20-524

Program Trunked Frequencies on the 20-524A

Store Talk Group ID's in Talk Group Lists

Use the WX Band and Weather Alert

Can the PRO-94 be programmed via software or cloned?

What are the differences between the PRO-92 and the PRO-94 scanners?

Between the PRO-92 and PRO-94, which has the better scanning scheme?

How do I calculate Base Frequency? I am looking for the mathematical formula used to calculate the BASE frequency as required.

How do I turn off Hypersearch? I can't get HYPER off of the display.

Is there additional information available on-line?

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