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 RadioShack PRO-92 500-Channel Handheld Trunking Scanner
 (Cat. No. 20-522, 20-522A and 20-522B)

User's Manual (20-522) PRO-92 Handheld Scanner On-line Catalog
User's Manual (20-522A)
User's Manual (20-522B) 
General Information


How To ...
Assign a Text Tag to a Bank

Assign a Text Tag to a Channel

Program Conventional Frequencies

Program EDACS Trunked Frequencies

>Program Motorola Trunked Frequencies

Reset and Reinitialize the Scanner

Store a Talk Group ID with a Text Tag

Use the Weather Band and WX Alert Functions

Tune and Listen to the WX (Weather) Band

Use the SAME Standby Mode

Use the Priority WX Alert Mode

Remove the Priority Setting from the Weather Channel

What is the difference between the 200-0522, 200-0522A and 200-0522B versions of the PRO-92?

How do I program and store text tags?

How do I assign a two-line text tag?

What are the system requirements for the software package for the PRO-92?

How do I get this scanner to simultaneously track both Motorola II & Conventional frequencies?

What are the differences between the PRO-92 (Cat. No. 200-0522) and the PRO-94 (Cat. No. 200-0524) scanners?

Between the PRO-92 and PRO-94, which has the better scanning scheme?

Is there additional information available on-line?

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