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 RadioShack Guide to Understanding Power Conversion

Understanding the Radioshack Adaptaplug System

polarity indicator connection pin connection pin adaptaplug barrel with colored ring

adaptaplug: hover over plug for parts descriptionIn order to maximize customer convenience and cost, many of RadioShack's power conversion devices feature changeable tips called Adaptaplugs.

The image at right shows one of these plugs; explanations of the different parts can be seen by hovering the mouse over the image. Adaptaplugs can be described in several ways: by color, by letter, by the EIAJ plug type, and the dimensions of the barrel (ID and OD, or inner diameter and outer diameter). Occasionally, the barrel will also have an inner pin; this is indicated in the next-to-the-last column, "Other".

If you are not sure what plug size you need and the information is not available in the user's manual or reference information for your product, you should contact the device's manufacturer for assistance. Use of the incorrect size of plug can cause damage to the plug, the adapter and/or the attached device.

If you have a RadioShack adaptaplug and are not sure what size it is, you can look up the possible sizes by the color of the ring on our Adaptaplug Color Cross-reference Chart.

The chart below provides a cross-refererence to these various descriptions.

    EIAJ Dimensions RadioShack
Color Letter Type OD ID Other Number
Yellow A 1 2.3 mm 0.7 mm   273-1704
Yellow B 2 4.0 mm 1.7 mm   273-1705
Yellow C 3 4.7 mm 1.7 mm   273-1706
Yellow D 4 5.5 mm 3.3 mm with 0.9 mm pin 273-1707
n/a E   2.5 mm   3/32" submini phone plug 273-1708
n/a F   3.5 mm   1/8" mini-phone plug 273-1709
Turquoise G   3.0 mm 1.1 mm   273-1710
Orange H   3.4 mm 1.3 mm   273-1711
Pink I   3.8 mm 1.1 mm   273-1712
Red J   5.0 mm 1.5 mm   273-1713
Purple K   5.0 mm 2.1 mm   273-1714
Dark Green L   5.0 mm 2.5 mm   273-1715
Navy M   5.5 mm 2.1 mm   273-1716
White N   5.5 mm 2.5 mm   273-1717
Brown O   5.5 mm 2.8 mm   273-1718
n/a P   5.5 mm 3.8 mm with 1.8 mm pin 273-1719
Yellow-green Q   6.3 mm 3.0 mm   273-1720
n/a R   6.9 mm 4.2 mm with 0.7 mm pin 273-1721
Gray S   5.5 mm 1.5 mm   273-1722
Yellow T 5 6.5 mm 4.3 mm with 1.4 mm pin 273-1723
Light Yellow U   6.5 mm 4.1 / 3.1 mm with 1.0 mm pin 273-1724

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