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 iGo itips™ Answers

The iGo system is designed to allow you to charge or power devices with different power requirements using the same charger and to eliminate the need to configure the charger by using quick-connect itips™ which inherently configure the voltage and current.

iGo itips

The iGo itips™ determine the voltage required by each end product (mobile phones, PDAs, etc), rather than the user needing to set the proper voltage on a multi-voltage charger or to change chargers. Unlike our line of Adaptaplugs which can be set to tip positive or tip negative, iGo plugs are keyed to a specific polarity. It has the following features:

  • Replaces a lost or broken charger at lower cost than a replacement charger
  • Powers up to two devices simultaneously
  • No need to manually configure voltage
  • No need for multiple chargers
  • No need for future AC/DC chargers

iGo Solutions Center

Question: What itips™ are available?

Answer: You can view our catalog of current itips™ under iGo Power Adapters.

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Question: What do the different colors on the itips™ indicate?

Answer: The new itips™ smart connectors color code system indicates the maximum power that each itips™ connector can deliver:
iGo itips iGo itips
Blue itips™ Green itips™
up to 8 W up to 15 W

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Question: What are the ratings for the generic itips™?

Answer: There are three itips™ that are not product-specific: B00, A11 and A12. The information on each of these is given below. Size is given in OD / ID, which indicates Outer Diameter and Inner Diameter.
itips™ Number Catalog Number size
(OD / ID)



B00 273-1951 5.5 mm / 2.1 mm Tip Positive 9 Volts 1.2 Amps
A11 273-1953 5.5 mm / 2.1 mm Tip Positive 6 Volts 1.2 Amps
A12 273-1954 4.0 mm / 1.7 mm Tip Positive 6 Volts 1.2 Amps

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Question: How do I get my itips™ connector to work with the Peripheral Power System?

Answer: The new itips™ are not compatible with the older Peripheral Power Systems; you would need to use the dualpower15.

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Question: Other than pin configuration and physical fit, what's the difference between the tips that come with Juice and Ice versus the new itips™ smart connectors?

Answer: The ones for laptops are "high power" tips that can deliver the much higher wattage to charge and power a laptop. The PPS cable tips and all the new itips™ smart connectors are "low power" tips.

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