Technical Information
Battery Comparison Chart
Primary Batteries
Carbon Zinc
Zinc Chloride
Alkaline Batteries
Standard Alkalines
Premium Alkalines
Lithium Manganese
Zinc Air
Silver Oxide
Mercuric Oxide
Secondary Batteries
Nickel Cadmium
Nickel Metal-Hydride
Lithium Ion
Lithium Ion Polymer
Lead Acid

RadioShack's On-line Battery Guidebook

General Battery Information Table of Contents

  1. Battery History
  2. Battery Timeline
  3. Battery Types
  4. Choosing the Right Battery
  5. Calculating Battery Life
  6. Charging Batteries
    1. Battery Chargers
    2. Battery Charging Tips
  1. Recycling Batteries
  2. Testing Batteries
  3. Specific Battery Issues
    1. Memory Effect
    2. Cordless Telephones (Ni-CD or NiMH?)
  4. Glossary

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