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Surround Sound Speakers

Speakers are very important to a home theater system, and generally speaking, the more money you spend on them, the better they will be. When looking for speakers, you will want to make sure that the enclosure is made of a heavy grade wood and/or that the drivers are made with heavier magnets for better performance.

Currently, RadioShack has a line of surround sound speakers that critics have raved about for their incredible high-frequency dispersion capabilities. These speakers use a Linaeum« dipole tweeter, which increases the frequency and keeps a low distortion sound. RadioShack's 40-5038 is a home-theater center-channel speaker with the Linaeum-design monopole tweeter. This creates realistic sound effects and crystal clear movie dialog with 180░ sound coverage. This speaker is paired with the 40-5037 bookshelf speakers. These speakers can be used as surround speakers and front speakers. Thanks to the revolutionary dipole tweeter, high frequency response soars to 25,000 Hz with incredibly low distortion and full 360░ sound coverage.

Subwoofers have become almost essential to home-theater systems. They offer so much more to the realism of being at a movie theater. Subwoofers aren't meant to be heard, they are meant to be felt. These are the speakers that make you just about jump out of your seat when you're at the movies. RadioShack carries a 40-5031, which is a 200-watt powered subwoofer with 12" woofer. It carries a built-in amplifier to lighten the load of your receiver.

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