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DR-89 Digital Recorder (Cat. No.140-1189)
Tutorial: How to Install the Voice Recorder Link Software

The following tutorial will show you how to install the Voice Recorder Link Software that comes with your Digital Recorder. Also included is a USB cable. Messages can transferred to your PC from your recorder and vice versa. This allows you to keep the messages while creating space for more on your recorder. These messages can be shared with others by use of email or computer disks.
For additional information on this product, see the links below:

System Requirements (voice recorder link)
Computer/Processor Multimedia PC with at least Pentium II 
Memory At least 64 MB
Hard Disk 10 MB of available hard disk space
Drive CD_ROM drive
Display Super VGA graphics card or compatible video graphics adapter
Operating System Microsoft Windows« 98, Windows« 2000, Windows« ME or Windows« XP
Communication Port At least one available USB port
Peripherals Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device. Windows compatible audio board with headphones or speakers.

Note: Before starting the software install, make sure that all programs, including anti-virus programs, are closed.
Step 1: Insert Software CD into CD ROM Drive

Put the Voice Recorder Link Software CD into the CD Rom drive of your computer. Close the tray. The Installshield Wizard Welcome screen will display. Click NEXT.
Step 2: Choose the Destination Folder

Click NEXT to install the program into the default destination folder (c:\Program Files\RadioShack Corp 14-1189\Voice Recorder Link\). If you want to install it somewhere else on your computer, click on the CHANGE button and select another folder, then click NEXT.
Step 3: Install the Program

Click INSTALL to begin installation of the program on to your computer.
Step 4: Exit the Program Install

Click on FINISH to complete the installation.
Step 5: Check for Desktop Program Icon

There should be a Voice Recorder Link Icon on your computer's desktop.

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