24-Hour Digital Timer  
(610-1060)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 34286

Your Radio Shack 24 Hour Digital Timer is a convenient, valuable addition
to your home's security.  The timer plugs directly into almost any AC
outlet and can be set to automatically turn on/off almost any household
device, such as a lamp, coffee-maker, stereo, aquarium light, and more.
It even includes a random on/off setting that helps avoid a predictable,
"timer-controlled" look and makes would-be intruders think someone is

You can set the timer to turn a connected device on and off up to four
times within a 24-hour period.  Each of these on and off times is called
an event."  You can set the times of up to eight different events (1-8)
- four "on" events and four "off" events.

The timer's features include:

 Four Daily On/Off - lets you set the timer to automatically turn the conn-
          Settings   ected device on and off up to four times every day.

     Random On/Off - let you set the timer to automatically vary the preset
           Setting   daily on/off time settings so the times are 

   Manual Override - lets you easily override the timer and manually turn 
                     the connected device on or off at any time.

       LCD Digital - provides an easy-to-read display of the clock and other
           Display   functional indicators.

   Battery Pick-Up - saves the timer's settings in memory during a power 
                     failure and also lets you adjust the timer's settings 
                     while it is unplugged.

NOTES:  The timer requires one AA battery (not supplied) for memory backup

        This digital timer is designed for indoor use only and might not
        operate in extremely low or high temperature environments (see
        "Specifications", on Faxback Doc. # 34289).

(LB/EB 08/06/96)

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