4-Zone Alarm System  (490-0475)  Care and Maintenance  Faxback Doc. # 16649


A breaker on the power adapter protects the adapter from excessive power
draw.  If there is a wiring problem that causes the system to draw too
much power, the green button on the adapter pops out and the system
switches to battery power.

Correct the problem.  Then, press the green button on the power adapter to
reset the breaker.


The system has four fuses that protect different system functions from
excessive power draw.  Refer to the following chart for each fuse's rating
and function.

  FUSE          RATING                    FUNCTION

BURGLAR     2 Amp, 250 Volt     Protects burglar sounders and strobes
            Cat. No. 270-1275   connected to Terminal 25.

FIRE        2 Amp, 250 Volt     Protects fire sounders and strobes
            Cat. No. 270-1275   connected to Terminal 23.

SMOKE/-     .75 Amp, 250 Volt   Powered accessories connected to Terminals
ACCESSORY-  Cat. No. 270-1272   21 and 22, smoke detectors connected to
ARM                             Terminals 30 and 31, and remote arm/disarm
                                indicators and the arm switch connected to
                                Terminal 16.

BATTERY     4 Amp, 250 Volt     Charging current to the battery and opera-
            Cat. No. 270-1277   ting current from the battery when AC
                                power not available.

If the indicated accessories stop operating, check the fuse.  If blown,
follow these steps to replace the fuse.

NOTE:  Replace the fuse with one of the same type and size.  Using other
       fuses or defeating the fuse protection can present a risk of fire
       or can expose the control panel or accessories to a risk of damage.

1.  Pull out the fuse with the red ribbon strap.

2.  Place the ribbon strap on a new fuse.

3.  Press the fuse into place.

If the fuse immediately blows again, there is a short circuit or other
wiring problem in the circuit.  Correct the problem before you try again.

The Safe House Four-Zone Burglar Fire Alarm System is an example of
superior design and craftsmanship.  The following suggestions will help
you care for the security system so that you can enjoy its protection for

    Keep the system dry.  If it does get wet, wipe it dry immediately.
    Liquids can contain minerals that corrode the electronic circuits.

    Use and store the system only in normal temperature environments.
    Temperature extremes can shorten the life of electronic devices and
    distort or melt plastic parts.

    Handle the system gently and carefully.  Dropping it can damage
    circuit boards and cases and can cause the system to work improperly.

    Keep the system away from dust and dirt, which can cause premature
    wear of parts.

    Use only rechargeable batteries of the recommended size and type.
    Non-rechargeable batteries could explode if installed in this system.

    Wipe the system console with a dampened cloth occasionally to keep it
    looking new.  Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong
    detergents to clean the console.

Modifying or tampering with the console's internal components can cause a
malfunction and might invalidate its warranty.  If the system is not
performing as it should, take it to your local Radio Shack store.


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