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Home Security
RadioShack Home Alarm System 275-0484
Archer Infrared Photoelectric Relay Burglar Alarm 490-0201
RadioShack Compact Personal Property Alarm 490-0211
Archer Intrusion Alarm 490-0300
Safehouse Ultrasonic/Perimeter Alarm System 490-0301
Safehouse Dual Protection Ultrasonic / Perimeter Home Burglar Alarm 490-0302
Safehouse Ultrasonic Intrusion Alarm 490-0303A
Safehouse Ultrasonic Intrusion Alarm 490-0304
Safehouse Passive Infrared Intrusion Alarm 490-0305
Safehouse Ultrasonic Intrusion Alarm 490-0306
RadioShack Infrared Photo Relay/Alarm 490-0307
RadioShack IR Photo Relay Alarm 490-0310
RadioShack Passive Infrared Alarm 490-0320
SafeHouse PIR Alarm 490-0320A
RadioShack Home Burglar Alarm 490-0320B
RadioShack Passive Infrared Sensor Alarm w/Keychain Remote 490-0329
RadioShack Passive Infrared Sensor Alarm w/Keychain Remote 490-0329A
RadioShack Infrared Alarm System 490-0330
RadioShack Central 2000 Monitored Motion Detector Security System 490-0351
RadioShack Wireless Perimeter Alarm System 490-0401A
SafeHouse Wireless Security System 490-0403
RadioShack Self-Stick Door/Window Alarm 490-0407
RadioShack Door and Window Alarm 490-0424
RadioShack Portable Motion Detector with Alarm 490-0426
RadioShack Burglar Alarm Center 490-0450
Safehouse Burglar Alarm Center 490-0450A
RadioShack Two Zone Remote Keypad Burglar Alarm Control Center 490-0451
RadioShack Two Zone Burglar Alarm System 490-0454
Radioshack Burglar/Fire Alarm System 490-0470
Archer Home Alarm Center 490-0474
Radioshack 4-Zone Alarm System 490-0475
RadioShack 8-Zone Burglar / Fire Alarm System 490-0485
RadioShack 8-Zone Burglar / Fire Alarm System 490-0485A
Safehouse Wireless Home Alarm System 490-2010
RadioShack Wireless Alarm System 490-2011
Safehouse VSS-100 Video Surveillance System 490-2500
RadioShack VSS-400 Video Surveillance System 490-2501
RadioShack CCTV Camera 490-2502A
Lorex DM-111 Digital Monitoring System 490-2532
RadioShack 2.4 GHz Wireless Surveillance System 490-2534
RadioShack 2.4 GHz Wireless Color System 490-2535
RadioShack Add-On 2.4 GHz Wireless Color Camera 490-2536
RadioShack Observation/Security Video Camera 490-2550
RadioShack Wireless Home Security System 490-2551
RadioShack Message Dialer/Security System 490-2551A
RadioShack Wireless Home Security System 490-2551B
RadioShack Home Security Console 490-2559A
RadioShack Simulated Security Camera 490-2569
RadioShack Central 5000 Monitored Wireless Security Alarm System 490-2570
RadioShack Central 5000 Monitored Wireless Security Alarm System 490-2570A
RadioShack Central 1000 Monitored Personal Emergency Alert System 490-2575
RadioShack Video Door Phone System 490-2600
RadioShack Mail Guard 630-1110
Caddx Surveillance Fire/Burglary System 980-1526

RadioShack 180 Degrees Passive Infrared Motion Sensor 490-0208
RadioShack 180 Degrees Passive Infrared Motion Sensor 490-0208A
RadioShack Personal Security Alarm W/ Strobe 490-0220
RadioShack Passive Infrared Alarm 490-0308
SafeHouse Passive Infrared Intrusion Alarm 490-0308A
RadioShack Invisible Beam Entry Alert 490-0311
Invisible Beam Entry Alert 490-0311A
RadioShack Invisible Beam Entry Alert 490-0312
RadioShack Invisible Beam Entry Alert 490-0316
Glass/Window Alarm 490-0406
SafeHouse Wireless Transmitter and Switch 490-0411
RadioShack Personal Safety Alarm 490-0415
RadioShack Personal Alarm 490-0416
RadioShack Personal Alarm 490-0417
RadioShack Personal Compact Alarm 490-0418
RadioShack Door Motion Alarm 490-0419
RadioShack Personal Alarm with Motion Sensor 490-0420
RadioShack Door Alarm 490-0421
RadioShack Door Alarm 490-0421A
RadioShack Door Chime/Alarm 490-0422
RadioShack Door Alarm and Entry Chime 490-0422A
RadioShack Mini PIR Alarm 490-0425
RadioShack Door Stop Alarm 490-0427
RadioShack Auto Message Dialer 490-0431
RadioShack Auto Message Dialer 490-0432
RadioShack Auto Dialer 490-0433
SafeHouse Automatic Message Dialer 490-0433C
RadioShack Security Auto Dialer 490-0434
RadioShack AutoDialer Digital Security 490-0434A
RadioShack Security Auto Dialer 490-0434B
RadioShack Security Auto Dialer 490-0434C
RadioShack Security Auto Dialer 490-0434D
RadioShack Satellite Alarm 490-0441
RadioShack Digital Keypad 490-0452
PhotoElectric Smoke Alarm 490-0453
RadioShack Smoke Detector 490-0455A
Safe House Smoke Alarm 490-0457
Safehouse Quiet Reset Smoke Alarm 490-0458
SafeHouse Door Knob Alarm 490-0461
RadioShack Extra Keypad for Alarm System 490-0462
RadioShack Carbon Monoxide Detection System 490-0463
RadioShack Carbon Monoxide Detector 490-0464
RadioShack Smoke Detector with Silence Control 490-0466
RadioShack Smoke and Fire Alarm with Silence Control 490-0467
RadioShack Smoke Alarm 490-0468
RadioShack Security Siren/Strobe Light 490-0478
RadioShack Dual Electronic Siren 490-0480
Dicon Model 330S 490-0481
SafeHouse Thermostatic Heat Detector 490-0482
SafeHouse Remote Keypad 490-0484
SafeHouse Anti-Tamper Siren Box 490-0486
Piezo Two-Tone Siren 490-0487
RadioShack Two-Tone Indoor Siren 490-0488E
RadioShack Electronic Siren 490-0488F
RadioShack Two-Tone Indoor Siren 490-0490
RadioShack Two-Tone Indoor Siren 490-0490A
RadioShack Two-Tone Indoor Siren 490-0490B
RadioShack Door/Window Switch 490-0495
Mini Magnetic Contact 490-0497
RadioShack Wide Gap Contact Switch 490-0499
RadioShack Security Powerhorn - All Weather Siren 490-0500A
RadioShack Security Yard Sign 490-0501
RadioShack Block Connector (for N.C. Circuit) 490-0504A
RadioShack External Switcher for Alarm System Accessories 490-0510
RadioShack SPST Lock Switch 490-0511
RadioShack SS-090 Key Switch 490-0511A
RadioShack 2P SPST On-Off Switch 490-0515
RadioShack Window Sensor 490-0516
RadioShack Panic Switch 490-0517
RadioShack Mini Shock/Vibration Detector 490-0521
RadioShack Indoor/Outdoor Siren/Alarm w/Two Sounds 490-0522
RadioShack SS-095 Key Switch 490-0523
RadioShack Remote Control Plate 490-0524
RadioShack Siren/Alarm 490-0525
RadioShack 2 Sound Siren/Alarm Horn 490-0525A
RadioShack Emergency Strobe Light 490-0527
RadioShack Tamper Switch (For N.O. Circuits) 490-0528
SafeHouse Two Tone Indoor Siren 490-0529
RadioShack Dual-Element Infrared Motion Sensor 490-0531
RadioShack Magnetic Switch 490-0532
RadioShack Magnetic Switch 490-0533
RadioShack Digital Controller 490-0535
RadioShack Digital Key Switch 490-0535A
SafeHouse Wireless Panic Switch 490-0536
RadioShack Digital Key Switch 490-0537
Safe House Jumper Cord 490-0548
RadioShack Infrared Motion Sensor w/Body Heat Detector 490-0549
RadioShack Infrared Motion Sensor w/Body Heat Detector 490-0549A
SafeHouse Motion Sensor 490-0550
RadioShack Infrared Photo Relay Sensor Alarm 490-0551
SafeHouse Infrared Photorelay Sensor 490-0551A
RadioShack Personal Alarm 490-0601
SafeHouse Personal Powerhorn 490-0610
Mobile Alert Auto Shock Sensor 490-0630
RadioShack PG-80 8 Channel Digital Paging System 490-0710
RadioShack Receiver for PG-80 490-0711
RadioShack DX-112 Personal Safety Alarm and Flashlight 490-1011
RadioShack Window/Door Transmitter 490-2015
RadioShack Door/Window Transmitter and Sensor 490-2015A
RadioShack Smoke Alarm Detector 490-2020
RadioShack Wireless Infrared Motion Sensor 490-2025A
RadioShack Wireless Remote Control 490-2030A
RadioShack CCTV Camera 490-2502
RadioShack B/W 9-Inch 4-Channel Security Monitor 490-2511
RadioShack B/W 1/3-Inch Basic CCD Camera 490-2512
RadioShack Indoor/Outdoor Black & White Security Camera w/Motion Sensor 490-2513
RadioShack 10" B&W Single Channel Security Monitor 490-2514
RadioShack 1/3" B&W Indoor/Outdoor Camera 490-2515
RadioShack 1/3" Color Indoor/Outdoor Camera 490-2516
RadioShack Video Surveillance Switchbox 490-2517
RadioShack 100' Extension Cable 490-2520
RadioShack CCTV Camera For VSS-400 Observation System 490-2528
RadioShack 2.4 GHz Wireless Video System 490-2530
RadioShack 2.4 GHz Wireless Add-On Camera 490-2531
RadioShack 4-Channel Video Surveillance Switchbox 490-2533
RadioShack 2.4GHz Wireless Add-On Camera 490-2538
RadioShack Simulated Security Camera 490-2549
RadioShack Emergency Phone Dialer 490-2559
RadioShack Two Bell Wireless Door Chime 610-2117
RadioShack Single Bell Wireless Door Chime 630-1123
RadioShack Two Bell Wireless Door Chime 630-1124
Strategic Vista Digital Video Security System 980-1572
Strategic Vista Single Channel DVR 980-1575
Lorex Vandal Proof B&W Dome Camera 980-1576
Lorex Vandal Proof B&W Polycarbonate Dome Camera w/3 Board Lens 980-1577
Strategic Vista Accessory Sunshade Housing Model ACC1600 980-1578
Lorex 1/4" CCD Color Weatherproof Bullet Camera Model SG4933R 980-1579
Strategic Vista Accessory Weather Resistant B&W Camera Kit Model SG7013SX 980-1581

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