ET-151 HEADSET/DIALER  (430-0590)         Features       Faxback Doc. # 8065

Your new headset with dialer is a telephone headset and dialer that
connects to your line in place of a telephone.  Or, you can use the
headset separately with most phones to allow hands-free conversations.

The headset/dialer has a compact dialer so you can carry the headset/dialer
with you.  The headset/dialers cable lets you move freely while you talk on
the phone, and the adjustable microphone boom swings back and forth to
enable you to wear the headset over either ear.

Other Features are:

Quick Disconnect Plug - lets you disconnect the headset from the dialer
without disconnecting the call, so that you can step away from the phone
without removing the headset.  You can return to the conversation by
simply reconnecting the headset.

Studio Quality Electret Condenser Microphone - provides clear transmission
of your voice.

Adjustable Volume - gives you full control of the volume.

Touch-Tone or Pulse Dialing - lets you use your headset/dialer with either
type of phone service.

Hold Button - lets you put a call on hold.

Flash Button - activates an electronic switchhook signal for use with
specialized phone services, such as call waiting.

Ringer (OFF/LO/HI) Switch - lets you adjust the ringers volume to a
comfortable level.

Last Number Redial - lets you automatically redial the last number
dialed with a touch of a button.

Hearing-Aid Compatible - lets you use this headset with a hearing-aid
that has a T switch.


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