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Reference #             Cat.No.   Description                NP Part #
                        11331022  REPLACED BY 2TR0259        2SB909     
                        11331857  REPLACED BY 2TR0397        2SC2021    
X1                                FILTER,CER OSC WHITE BOX   CB0098     
                                  PLASTIC                    CB0098     
10                      10582716  SENSOR,CONTACT TYPE        CP0041     
                        10582716  LINEAR IMAGE W/RIBBON      CP0041     
16                      10587269  BATTERY,PACK LEAD ACID     CS6002     
                        10587269  BATTERY PACK               CS6002     
D1                                USE DX1515                 DX1485     
                                  REPLACED BY DX1515         DX1485     
D2 D3                             DIODE SWITCHING 1SS133HJ   DX1494     
                                  SMALL GLASS YELLOW BAND    DX1494     
D4 D5                             DIODE MTZHJ4.3A 500MW      DX1504     
                                  SMALL GLASS BLK BAND 4.3V  DX1504     
D6                      11654274  DIODE S5688G 400V 1A SI    DX1505     
                        11654274  MEDIUM CERAMIC BLUE BAND   DX1505     
D1                      10625721  DIODE ZN MTZ11B(TP) SI     DX1515     
                        10625721  SMALL GLASS BLACK BAND     DX1515     
8                                 GLASS,READING WINDOW       G0202      
                                  GLASS PLATE                G0202      
9                       10644409  LENS,ARRAY                 GA0009     
FUSE                    10696482  FUSE 5.00A 125V  FAST BLO  HF0190     
                        10696482  PKG OF 5                   HF0190     
1                       10710804  HEAD ASSY,THERMAL W/O FPC  HP0003     
                        10710804  BEFORE DC 4A8              HP0003     
JCK                     10732279  JACK, DC POWER INPUT       J5428      
CN1                               CONNECTOR,BATTERY PACK 2P  JE0151     
                                  MALE PCB MOUNT             JE0151     
CN2                               CONNECTOR,LED ARRAY 2PIN   JE0152     
                                  MALE PCB MOUNT             JE0152     
CN3                               CONNECTOR,IMAGE SENSOR 5P  JE0153     
                                  FEMALE PCB MOUNT           JE0153     
CN4                               CONNECTOR,FEMALE 20 PIN    JE0154     
                                  PCB MOUNT                  JE0154     
12                      10758571  KNOB,COPY BLACK PLASTIC    K1712      
13                      10758589  KNOB,POWER BLACK PLASTIC   K1713      
15                      10758597  KNOB,PAPER PATH RELEASE    K1714      
                        10758597  BLACK PLASTIC              K1714      
D7                      10796779  LED LN01201C-C 2PIN        LA0061     
                        10796779  SQUARE MICRO               LA0061     
7                       10799914  LED,ARRAY 16LED-W/2 COND   LB0026     
                        10799914  FEMALE CONN                LB0026     
                        10834729  MANUAL,SERVICE 63-672      MS6300672  
                        10863140  MANUAL,USERS 63-672        MU6300672  
IC1                     10874972  IC,PPVIBU3141S GATE ARRAY  MX0982     
                        10874972  C-MOS ROHM 30 PIN DIP      MX0982     
IC2                     10874980  IC,PPVIM67480A HYBRID      MX0983     
                        10874980  GRAY CERAMIC               MX0983     
IC3                               IC,PPVIUPC78N05 VOLT REG   MX0984     
                                  LINEAR NEC 300MA 3 PIN     MX0984     
VR1 VR3                           POT,1KB CURVE VOLUME       P0189      
                                  SEMI-FIXED SMALL           P0189      
VR2                     10959781  POT,20KB CURVE VOLUME      P0190      
                        10959781  SEMI-FIXED SMALL           P0190      
VR4                               POT,30KB CURVE VOLUME      P0191      
                                  SEMI-FIXED SMALL           P0191      
2                       11047164  PLATEN,W/PLATE             RP0006     
SW                      11072360  SWITCH,MICRO PUSH BLACK    SC0011     
                        11072360  PLASTIC                    SC0011     
TH                      11089141  THERMISTOR,DISC BROWN      T0015      
ACC1                    11123700  CHARGER,BATTERY ADAPTER    WE0019     
                        11123700  14V DC,120V AC,60HZ 3.2W   WE0019     
3                       11126331  RIBBON,FPC PRINT CIRCUIT   WF0036     
                        11126331  20 PIN FLEXIBLE ORANGE     WF0036     
                                  AND DC JACK                XB2210     
14                                CASE,UPPER BLACK PLASTIC   Z2336      
17                      11184595  CASE,LOWER BLACK PLASTIC   Z2345      
18                      11184603  COVER,PAPER COMPARTMENT    Z2346      
                        11184603  BLACK PLASTIC              Z2346      
19                      11184611  CAP,LENS BLACK PLASTIC     Z2347      
6                                 CHASSIS,LOWER BLACK PLSTC  ZC0008     
11                                CHASSIS,UPPER BLACK PLSTC  ZC0013     

(This list was generated on 07/08/2005)

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