Concertmate-670  (420-4012)    Features                 Faxback Doc. # 8765

The new Realistic Concertmate-670 Electronic Keyboard uses the latest
electronic technology. Its 100 preset tones and 100 pre-programmed rhythms
give you the versatility you expect from a quality electronic keyboard.
The exceptional sound quality and sophisticated features offered by the
Concertmate-670 make it ideal for experienced musicians or beginners.

Auto-Accompaniments - Provides a harmonic pattern with a pre-programmed 
                      rhythm that you select.

Automatic Full-In Rhythm - Automatically adds a short rhythmic fill within 
                           a pre-programmed rhythm.

POLY/TEXTURE - Lets you switch between an eight-note polyphonic setting 
               and a four-note polyphonic setting.

Standard Size Keys- makes it easy for you to apply your keyboard skills to
                    the Concertmate-670.

Four Octave Range - Lets you play a wide variety of music.

Tempo Control - Lets you change the tempo of a selected rhythm and
                accompaniment to suit your music's style or your 
                musical ability.

Main and Accomp Volume Control - Lets you separately adjust the main volume
                                 and the accompaniment volume for the 
                                 desired balance.

Output Jack - Lets you connect headphones for private playing, or an 
              external amplifier for greater volume.


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