After you download tone with wave,drum with wave, DSP, registration, song, rhythm, and other data from this site, you can use Music Data Management Software to transfer it to your RadioShack keyboard to create a musical instrument that is customized to your needs.

Data you download here cannot be used with the MD-1121 (420-4058).
Go here to download MD-1121 data.
Music Data
Click the button next to the type of data you want to download. On the list that appears, find the data you want and then click its button.
TONE Data List
• Tone data that uses waveform data built into the keyboard
TONE with WAVE Data List
• Tone data that uses new waveform data
Drawbar Data List
• This data is drawbar organ tone setting data
DRUM with WAVE Data List
• Drum sound data that uses new waveform data
RHYTHM Data List
• Rhythm pattern data
DSP Data List
• Setting data that uses the DSP built into the keyboard
• Registration setup data
SONG Data List
• Song data for the keyboard's song function
SMF Data List
• Standard MIDI File data
• Genre-specific collections of the above data that can be batch downloaded with a single operation
Before downloading Music Data ...
The first thing you should do before trying to download from this site is check to make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the Internet Data Expansion System.
After that, download a copy of the Music Data Management Software.
• Computer hardware and software requirements for running Music Data Management Software for MD-1800 and Internet Data Expansion System for MD-1800.
• Procedure for connecting your MD-1800 to a computer.
• How to download Music Data Management Software for MD-1800.
Hardware Requirements
Computer System/Computer-Keyboard Connection
Software Requirements
Music Data Management Software 2.0
The Music Data Management Software has been updated from 1.0 to 2.0.  There are also quite a few new Music Data files.

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