Desert Viper  (600-4132)         Features              Faxback Doc. # 6785

The Radio Shack-Controlled Desert Viper is a winner!  The vehicle's direct
proportional speed and steering give you precise control over the Desert
Viper anywhere it goes.

The following additional features ensure excellent performance and help
extend the life of the vehicle.

Trailing Arm Front Suspension

Rigid Axle Rear Suspension

Differential Gear for Rear Wheel

Semi-Pneumatic, Spiked, Mud Terrain Tires

Be sure to read this manual to get the most enjoyment from the Desert

Note:  You need the following additional items to use your vehicle.

  A total of ten AA batteries (Cat. No. 23-552 or 23-652) - six to power
  the transmitter and four for the Desert Viper to receive control signals

  At least one 7.2-volt battery pack (Cat. No. 23-230) to power the

  Battery pack charger (Cat. No. 23-241)

Warning:  This vehicle can reach much higher speeds than most radio-
          controlled cars.  Be careful when you use the vehicle to avoid
          high-impact collisions with people and objects.

The supplied special tool lets you easily remove and replace any of the
vehicle's parts.  Be careful not to discard it when you unpack the

You can order replacement parts from your local Radio Shack store.


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