Radio Controlled Black Phantom
(600-4103)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 37552

Your Radio Shack Black Phantom Radio-Controlled Racer is a winner.  Its two
powerful racing motors provide the speed you need to race against even the
toughest competition.  The racer's proportional speed and steering give you
precise control over the racer almost anywhere.

The following additional features ensure excellent performance and help
extend the life of the racer.  Be sure to read this manual for the best

Twin Wishbone Suspension - Lets the racer quickly adjust to uneven road
surfaces and continue to stick to the course.

Friction-Damped Shock Absorbers - give all four wheel excellent traction,
even over rough terrain.

Front/Rear Differential Axles - deliver the necessary amount of power to
each of the wheels.

Tandem Motor System - uses two separate motors to independently drive the
front and rear axles.

Your racer includes a special tool that lets you remove and replace many of
the racer's parts.  Do not discard it when you unpack the racer.

At the end of this manual, there is a list of replacement parts and proce-
dures for removing and replacing the parts. You can order replacement parts
from Radio Shack.

WARNING: This racer can reach much higher speeds than most radio-controlled
         cars. Be careful when you use the racer. A high-impact crash could
         hurt yourself or others.

NOTES:  Actual speed of racer is approximately 8 to 12 miles per hour.  The
        estimated scale speed is 100 to 140 miles per hour.

        You need the following additional items to use your racer.

           Ten AA batteries

           At least one 7.2-volt battery pack (Cat. No. 23-230)

           Battery pack charger (Cat. No. 23-231)

(EB 1/28/97)

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