Radio Controlled American Speedster
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NOTE:  You need eight AA batteries to power your American Speedster, and
       one 9-volt battery to power the transmitter.


CAUTIONS:  Do not mix old and new batteries, non-rechargeable batteries
           with rechargeable batteries, or rechargeable batteries of
           different capacities.

           Use only fresh batteries of the required size and type.

           Never leave dead or weak batteries in American Speedster.

           If you do not plan to use the American Speedster for several
           days, remove the batteries.

           Dispose of batteries promptly and properly; do not bury or burn

Installing the American Speedster Batteries

You can use eight AA alkaline batteries (such as Radio Shack Cat. No.
23-652) to power your American Speedster.

Or, you can use eight rechargeable nickel-batteries (Cat. No. 23-125).
You can charge the batteries with a battery charger you plug into the
American Speedster (Cat. No. 21-516A) or with an external battery charger
(Cat. No. 23-134).

NOTE:  If you are using an external battery charger to charge the
       rechargeable batteries, make sure the batteries are fully charged
       before you install them in the American Speedster.  See "Charging
       Nickel-Cadmium Batteries", below.

Follow these steps to install batteries in the American Speedster.

1.  Set ON/OFF on the left side of the American Speedster to OFF.

2.  Turn the battery compartment cover's latch in the direction of the
    arrow, then pull the cover down to open it.

    CAUTION:  The cover is attached to the American Speedster by a hinge.
              Do not try to remove it.

3.  Install the eight batteries as indicated by the polarity symbols
    (+ and -) marked inside the compartment.

4.  Replace the battery compartment cover, then turn the latch away from
    the arrow to secure it.

Installing the Transmitter's Battery

The transmitter uses one 9-volt battery.  We recommend an alkaline battery,
such as Cat. No. 23-553.

1.  Remove the battery compartment cover by sliding it down.

2.  Install the battery as indicated by the polarity symbols (+ and -)
    marked inside the compartment.

3.  Replace the cover.  Be sure it snaps into place.


WARNING:  Do not try to recharge alkaline or other non-rechargeable
          batteries.  They might rupture or explode.

Follow these steps to use the American Speedster's charging jack and a
nickel-cadmium battery charger (such as Cat. No. 21-516A) to charge the

CAUTIONS:  The battery charger must supply 18 volts, its center tip must
           be set to positive, it must deliver at least 50 milliamps, and
           its plug must correctly fit the American Speedster's charging
           jack.  The recommended charger meets these requirements.  Using
           a charger that does not meet these requirements could damage
           the American Speedster or the charger.

           If you use an external battery charger to recharge the
           batteries, you must remove the batteries from the American
           Speedster to charge them.

1.  Set ON/OFF on the left side of the American Speedster to OFF.

2.  Insert the charger's barrel plug into the charging jack on the left
    side of the American Speedster.

3.  Plug the charger into a standard AC outlet.

4.  Charge the batteries for 14-16 hours.

    CAUTION:  Charging batteries for longer than recommended time can
              damage them.

5.  Unplug the charger from the AC outlet first.  Then unplug it from the
    charging jack.

NOTE:  Occasionally, fully discharge nickel-cadmium batteries before you
       recharge them.  Otherwise, the batteries lose their ability to
       fully charge.

IMPORTANT:  Your American Speedster is capable of using rechargeable
            nickel-cadmium batteries.  At the end of the batteries'
            useful life, they must be recycled or disposed of properly.
            Contact your local, county, or state hazardous waste management
            authorities for information on recycling or disposal programs
            in your area.  Some options that might be available are:
            municipal curbside collection, drop-off boxes at retailers,
            recycling collection centers, and mail-back programs.

(EB 4/19/96)
(LB 3/29/96)

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