600-2398       ROBIE SR. ROBOT                       Faxback Doc. # 24009

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Reference #             Cat.No.   Description                NP Part #
                        11319548                             1S1588     
CR5                     10537918  ANTENNA,ROD                A0070      
                        10537918  TRANSMITTER                A0070      
B08                     10537926  ANTENNA,RECEIVING          A0071      
                        10537926  WIRE ANTENNA               A0071      
                                  UNIT DISC 1989             AA0000X    
                        11390242  CONVERTER                  BA5101     
B07                     10586519  BATTERY,6V SEALED RECHG.   CS0188     
                        10586519                             CS0188     
                        10587863  TAPE,CASSETTE              CT0031     
X'TAL1                            CRYSTAL,49.860MHZ          CX0126     
                                  FOR REMOTE                 CX0126     
X1                                CRYSTAL,49.405MHZ          CX0127     
                                  FOR ROBOT                  CX0127     
CR3                     10608404  COVER,BATTERY BOX          DB0704     
                        10608404  REMOTE                     DB0704     
D1-10 D12 D14 D21-26              DIODE DS442                DX0094     
D11 D13                 10622371  DIODE 1S188(FM1)           DX0241     
                        10622371  REPLACED BY DX0162         DX0241     
D2                                DIODE ZN HZ4C1             DX0861     
H7                                LENS,FACE PLASTIC CLEAR    G0100      
H8                      10642148  DIFFUSER,MOUTH PLASTIC     G0105      
                        10679660  DRIVER,ADJUSTMENT TOOL     HC4325     
TP11                    10694271  SCREW,5X15 TRUSS           HD2421     
                        10694271  DOOR                       HD2421     
TP7                     10694495  SCREW M2.6X6 TAPPING       HD3019     
BR6                     10696136  FUSE 5.00A 32.0V FAST BLO  HF0068     
                        10696136  PKG OF 5                   HF0068     
CK10                    10727089  JACK,2P PHONE 3.5MM        J0960      
BR4                     10731446  JACK,BATTERY DC 6V         J1799      
H15                     10733210  SOCKET,LAMP                J7177      
                                  ON TRANSMITTER SEE HC4315  K0000X     
H12                     10795730  LAMP,200MA 3V SMALL        L2028      
                        10795730  EYE                        L2028      
                        11391125                             LA4145     
BA11                    10803666  MOTOR,ASSY                 M4116      
                        10804649  MICROPHONE,WM-034CY        MA0013     
                        10833598  MANUAL,SERVICE 60-2398     MS6002398  
                        10860757  MANUAL USERS PHOTO COPY    MU6002398  
IC6                     10889053  TA75358P OP AMP            MX3071     
                        10889053                             MX3071     
IC4 IC5                 10894988  LB1645505 MOT DRVR         MX4076     
                        10894988                             MX4076     
IC2                     10910008  LC4013B LSI FLIP-FLOP      MX7305     
                        10910008                             MX7305     
R7 R34 R64              10941029  470   5%    1/4W  CBF RES  N0169EEC   
                        10941029                             N0169EEC   
VR1 VRBR7               10972784  POT,10K FRWD BAL SEMI VR   P6198      
CK13                    10976322  POT,10K VOLUME             P7949      
CK13                    10976330  POT,10K VOLUME W/PCB       P7950      
CK14                              USE P7950                  P7951      
                                  REPLACED BY P7950          P7951      
BA13                    10992410  GEAR,NO.1                  RA0985     
BA15                              GEAR ASSY,1                RA0986     
CA13                              SPRING,A CASSETTE TROLLEY  RB9360     
                        11044963  FLYWHEEL,MOTOR,PLATE       RM0176     
SW1 SW2                 11063245  SWITCH,SLIDE POWER MODE    S3542      
                        11063245  2 POSITION 10 PIN          S3542      
BF2                     11088192  SPEAKER,8 OHM .3W          SP5349     
T1                      11099520  TRANSFORMER,AUDIO 600 OHM  TB0077     
                        11099520  PRIMARY                    TB0077     
CK16                    11115490  HARNESS,4P W/WIRE 130MM    W3479      
                        11115508  OUTPUT 6VDC 400MA          W3480      
                        11137080  W/CRYSTAL,49.860MHZ        XB1390     
CKP.C.B.                          PCB ASSY,CLOCK W/WIRE      XB1392     
CA17                    11137098  PCB ASSY,SWITCH            XB1393     
BA17                              PCB ASSY,GEAR BOX          XB1394     
H1                      11178712  COVER,FACE SMOKED PLASTIC  Z1171      
H2                      11178720  FACE,DARK GRAY PLASTIC     Z1172      
H5                      11178753  BREAST,W/LABEL LT. GRAY    Z1176      
H6                      11178779  FACE,FRONT DARK GRAY       Z1178      
H10                     11178803  EAR,RIGHT W/LABEL          Z1183      
                        11178803  PLASTIC LT GRAY            Z1183      
H11                     11178811  EAR,LEFT W/LABEL           Z1184      
                        11178811  PLASTIC LT GRAY            Z1184      
                        11178852  SCREW,TAP PH W/FL 8X3X8    Z1189      
                        11178860  SHOULDER                   Z1190      
B06                     11178910  PANEL,BACK                 Z1195      
                        11178910  BATTERY COVER              Z1195      
                        11178928  TRAY                       Z1196      
                        11180866  REMOTE CONTROL,COMPLETE    Z1635      

(This list was generated on 07/08/2005)

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