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Musical Keyboards
RadioShack MPS-31 10 Watt Speaker/Amplifier 320-1152
Realistic Concertmate-670 420-4012
RadioShack Concertmate-460 Electronic Keyboard 420-4015
Realistic Concertmate-800 420-4016
RadioShack Concertmate-900 420-4017
RadioShack Concertmate-380 420-4018
RadioShack Concertmate-470 Electronic Keyboard 420-4019
RadioShack Concertmate-1000 420-4020
RadioShack Concertmate-680 Electronic Keyboard 420-4022
RadioShack Concertmate-950 Electronic Keyboard 420-4023
RadioShack Concertmate-570 Electronic Keyboard 420-4025
RadioShack Concertmate-1100 Electronic Keyboard 420-4026
RadioShack Concertmate-1500 Electronic Keyboard 420-4027
RadioShack Concertmate-580 420-4028
Optimus Concertmate - 575 Electronic Keyboard 420-4029
Optimus Concertmate-410 Portable Electronic Keyboard 420-4031
Optimus Concertmate-970 420-4032
Optimus MK-420 Portable Keyboard 420-4033
RadioShack MD500 MIDI Keyboard 420-4034
RadioShack MD500 MIDI Keyboard with Mini-Size Keys 420-4034A
Optimus Concertmate - 690 Portable Electronic Keyboard 420-4035
RadioShack Concertmate 975 Portable Stereo Musical Instrument 420-4036
Optimus Concertmate 980 Keyboard 420-4038
RadioShack MD-1150 Electronic Keyboard 420-4039
Optimus Concertmate 990 Electronic Keyboard 420-4040
Optimus MD-1200 Electronic Keyboard 420-4041
RadioShack MD-981 Keyboard 420-4042
Optimus MD-1600 Fullsize Electronic Keyboard 420-4043
RadioShack MD-1160 Full Size MIDI Keyboard 420-4044
RadioShack MD-1160 Full Size MIDI Keyboard 420-4044A
RadioShack MD-1210 200-Tone MIDI Keyboard 420-4045
RadioShack MD-1700 MIDI Keyboard 420-4046
RadioShack Keyboard Stand 420-4050
RadioShack Adjustable Keyboard Stand with Memory-Lock 420-4051
RadioShack Sustain Pedal for Keyboards 420-4053
RadioShack MD-982 MIDI Keyboard 420-4056
RadioShack LK-1161 Light-Up Learning Keyboard 420-4057
RadioShack MD-1121 MIDI Keyboard 420-4058
RadioShack MD501 MIDI Keyboard 420-4059
RadioShack MD-1800 76-Key MIDI Keyboard 420-4062
RadioShack Keyboard Bench 420-4063
RadioShack Talking Little Teacher Learning Keyboard 600-2490
RadioShack Electronic Organ 600-2509
Play Time Keyboard 600-2567
RadioShack Musical Elephant Keyboard 600-2571
RadioShack Sing-a-Long Keyboard 600-2580
RadioShack Funtime Keyboard 600-2589
RadioShack Funtime Keyboard 600-2597
RadioShack Music Town Keyboard 600-2752

RadioShack Karaoke Music System 140-0856
RadioShack Kid's Karaoke Sing-Along 140-0868
RadioShack Sing-Along Center 320-1151
RadioShack Karaoke Mate 320-1153
RadioShack Karaoke Music System 320-1154
RadioShack Dual Cassette Karaoke Music System 320-1155
RadioShack Karaoke Cassette Recorder System 320-1156
RadioShack Sing-a-Long Karaoke Music System 320-1157
Optimus Karaoke Mate 320-1158
Optimus Stereo Dual-Cassette Karaoke 320-1159
Optimus Stereo Dual-Cassette Karaoke Center 320-1160
Optimus Stereo Dual-Cassette Karaoke Center 320-1161
Optimus Dual-Cassette Karaoke System 320-1162
Optimus CD/Dual-Cassette Karaoke System 320-1163
RadioShack Portable Karaoke Music System 320-1164
RadioShack CD Graphics Karaoke System with Single Cassette 320-1165
RadioShack CD Graphics Karaoke System with Single Cassette 320-1165A
Optimus CDG Karaoke System 320-1166
RadioShack CDG Karaoke System 320-1167
RadioShack Karaoke with Voice Canceller 320-1168
RadioShack Karaoke Music Machine 320-1169
RadioShack Dual Cassette Karaoke System 320-1170
RadioShack Karaoke System with CDG and Single Cassette 320-1171
RadioShack Portable Karaoke with Cassette Recorder 320-1172
RadioShack CDG Karaoke System with Built-In 7" Monitor 320-1174
CDG Karaoke System with Built-in 7" Monitor 320-1174A
RadioShack Hi-Power CD+G Karaoke System 320-1175
Memorex Portable Karaoke with CD/CD+G Player 320-3034
Memorex MKS2112 Portable Karaoke with CD/CD+G Player 320-3037
RadioShack Karaoke Echo Microphone 330-3006
OPTIMUS Karaoke Echo Microphone 330-3016
RadioShack FM Wireless Microphone 600-2578
RadioShack AM/FM Karaoke Radio 600-2594

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