TRC-222  (210-1646)              Features               Faxback Doc. # 8845

The Radio Shack TRC-222 5-Watt 40-Channel Citizen's Band Transceiver is a
portable, easy-to-use, two-way radio that can be carried almost anywhere. 
It is ideal for around the house, car or boat, on camping trips, or at the
business for security patrols or warehouse communications.

The TRC-222 has the following features:

PLL (Phase-Locked-Loop) Frequency Synthesizer - Provides reliable and exact

Adjustable Squelch - Eliminates background noise.

Telescoping Antenna With Center Loading Coil - Gives excellent reception
                                               under most conditions.

Built - In Modulation Limiter-ensures a clear sound during transmission.

Built - In Noise Limiter-reduces noise caused by nearby electrical
        equipment such as motors or automotive ignition systems.

Transmission Power High/Low Switch - Lets you reduce the walkie talkie's
                                     power output during shortrange 
                                     transmissions to save battery power.

External Antenna Jack - Lets you connect an external antenna to improve
                        reception for mobile or base use, or to extend
                        the walkie talkie's range.  (Requires adapter 
                        # 278-208).

Battery Test Indicator - Lights when batteries are in good condition.

External Power Jack - Lets you power the walkie from your vehicle's battery
                      or other 12-volt DC source using an optional adapter
                      (# 270-1533).

Battery Charging Jack - Lets you charge nickel-cadmium batteries without
                        removing them from the walkie talkie.
                        (Requires charger # 21-516).


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