TRC-482  (210-1551)             Features                Faxback Doc. # 8786

The Realistic TRC-482 40-CB/Weatheradio is a high performance CB that also
lets you tune in to the latest weather information.  You can also connect
optional equipment to your CB, such as external speakers for a PA system or
equipment for a base station.

This CB is perfect for recreational, business, or emergency use.  You can
call for help or call other people who have CBs at home, in their vehicles,
or at camp sites.  

The CB has the following features:

Built-In PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) Frequency Synthesizer - Uses a precise
                                                         frequency reference
                                                         for reliable and 
                                                         exact tuning.

Two Ceramic Filters - Gives your CB superior selectivity and freedom from
                      adjacent-channel interference.  

Hysteresis Squelch Circuit - Compensates for fading signals and eliminates
                             signal chopping during reception.  

Automatic Noise-Limiter Circuit - Reduces noise caused by nearby electrical
                                  equipment such as motors or automotive 
                                  ignition systems.  

Digital Channel Display - Lets you see the channel number you select. 

RF Gain Control - Lets you quickly adjust the reception to match the 
                  strength of the received signal.  

Emergency Channel 9 Switch - Lets you quickly switch to channel 9 to report
                             emergency situations.  

Public Address Capability - Lets you use your CB for public address with 
                            an optional PA speaker.  

Universal Mounting Bracket - Lets you mount your transceiver securely in


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