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How is a racing scanner different from a regular scanner?

Currently, RadioShack is the only supplier of "real" race scanners. Others say they have race scanners, but they just take a regular scanner, make it a different color, and suggest that customers just put the frequency of the car into the same channel number as the car.

There are two significant problems with this method. First, most cars have 2, 3, or even 4 possible frequencies. Second, using this method results in lots of empty channels because there are no cars with those channel numbers, and empty channels equal wasted memory in your scanner. Our race scanners let you actually enter the car number, then enter as many frequencies as that car has.

Additionally, what do you do if Buckshot is running (car number 00)? We treat the number 0, 00 and 000 as if they are all different numbers, so storing the car number is not a problem. You can even store all the frequencies for the Busch race (Saturday) and the Winston Cup (Sunday) race, because you can add a leading 0 to car numbers in the Busch race. This prevents writing over memory locations when the two races have cars with the same numbers - and that happens much of the time.

Finally, when scanning, our method allows you to see on the display which car you are listening to, regardless of how many frequencies that car has; the other method requires remembering which channels correspond to which car. Also, when you are scanning, you can choose to listen to the frequencies of only certain cars without complicated programming sequences.

A common feature of all racing scanners is that they often use a small "stubby" antenna, rather than the large flexible antenna found on most other scanners. The stubby antenna limits the radio from picking up extraneous signals which might be broadcast on nearby frequencies, as well as being much more comfortable when the scanner is worn on a belt clip or waist pack. The standard-length antennas tend to get in the way and can poke into your side when you sit down wearing the scanner.

Click to go to Main PageWhat racing scanners does RadioShack currently sell?

Currently, RadioShack sells one model of racing scanner -- the Pro-89 200-channel Handheld Racing Scanner, illustrated below:

Pro-89 200-channel Handheld Racing Scanner
(Cat. No. 20-514)

Product Features:

User's Manual Available On-line

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Our previous model of racing scanner was the Pro-74 100-Channel Race Scanner (Cat. No. 20-513). While this scanner has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase, the user's manual is still available on-line for your convenience. For comparison, it had the following features:

Pro-74 100-Channel Race Scanner
(Cat. No. 20-513)

Product Features:

  • 100 Memory Channels
  • Conversion System: Triple Conversion
  • Race Car Number On Display
  • Frequency Range:
    29-54 MHz, 108-174 MHz, 406-512, 806-956 MHz (less cellular)
  • Size: 6 1/2" x 2 5/8" x 1 11/16"

User's Manual Available On-line

NOTE: The Pro-74 is a Discontinued Product and is no longer available for purchase. Information is provided for for Reference Purposes Only

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Click to go to Main PageWhat accessories are available to improve my day at the races?

We offer several accessories for racing scanners, designed to add to your race-day enjoyment.

Noise-Reducing Race Scanner Headphones
(Cat. No. 33-1158)

These RadioShack Noise-Blocking Race Scanner Headphones are ideal for use in noisy locations like race tracks. They effectively block out external noise -- up to 20 dB. They are perfect for use with the RadioShack Race Scanner. The easily adjustable volume control is conveniently located on the left ear cup. The heavy-duty cord is tightly coiled so it stays out of your way. Soft fluid-filled ear cushions and adjustable hook-and-loop headband provide a comfortable fit for hours of listening comfort. They are specifically designed for voice transmissions with a wide 40-20,000Hz frequency response to provide crisp, clear sound.

Product Features:

  • For use with all mono sources
  • 1/8” gold-plated mono plug
  • Neodymium magnets
  • 8-Foot coiled cord

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Closed-Cup Headphones
(Cat. No. 330-1198)

Product Features:

  • Volume control on ear cup
  • 9-Foot coiled cord

User's Manual Available On-line

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Waist Pack
(Cat. No. 420-0260)

Product Features

  • Four zippered compartments
  • A secured pouch to keep the radio secure and accessible
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Headphones Plug Adapter
(Cat. No. 420-2437)

Plugs into the headphone output of a scanner and provides two outputs, allowing a friend to share the experience and listen to the scanner along with you.

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Click to go to Main PageRadioShack Batteries

Alkaline batteries do not have a specific mAh rating, as the capacity of the battery varies along a curve based on the current drain. We offer two types of alkaline batteries:

The current drain of the Pro-89 varies by usage; however, it has a maximum current drain of 300 mA. For the Pro-89 Racing Scanner, we recommend the Enercell Alkaline batteries, as shown below. Our webpage comparing the Premium vs. Standard Enercell Batteries has more detailed information on the new Enercell Plus alkalines.

While alkaline capacity depends on how it is used, alkaline batteries can be safely assumed to last longer than any rechargeable battery used in the same product. Generally, alkalines can last from 40% to over 100% more than the same size rechargeable Ni-Cd and NiMH batteries.

"AA" Enercell® Alkaline Batteries (12-Pack)
(Cat. No. 23-882)

  • 1.50 Volt
  • No capacity rating available; see above.

Full voltage, Longest life

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"AA" RadioShack NiMH Batteries (4-pack)
(Cat. No. 23-528)

  • 1.20 Volt
  • 1600 mAh

Longest life for rechargeable, lower starting voltage, requires separate charger

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"AA" RadioShack High-capacity Ni-Cd Batteries (2-pack)
(Cat. No. 23-149)

  • 1.25 Volt
  • 850 mAh

Good life for rechargeable, moderate starting voltage, can charge in scanner

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"AA" RadioShack Standard Ni-Cd Batteries (4-pack)
(Cat. No. 23-325)

  • 1.25 Volt
  • 600 mAh

Lowest life, moderate voltage, can charge in scanner

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Let's Go to the Races! How do I get the most out of my scanner on race day?

Prior to going to the race:

Take to the race:

At the race:

General Listening Tips:

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