14 Channel Personal FRS 2-Way Radio
(210-1855)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 62055

RadioShack welcomes you to the next generation of personal communication, 
the Family Radio Service (FRS).  FRS is a new license-free, two-way short 
range voice radio service that lets families and groups keep in touch with 
each other on specific reserved channels.

Your RadioShack 14 Channel Personal FRS 2-Way Radio is a lightweight, palm 
sized radio that you can carry almost everywhere and use to talk with 
another person who has a FRS radio set to the same frequency as your radio

Your radio has auto-squelch, which means you will not hear anything on a 
channel unless someone is transmitting nearby on the same channel.  You 
can turn off auto-squelch to hear weaker, distant transmissions.

Your radio has last channel memory retention.  It automatically resumes on 
the last channel you monitored when you turn on the radio.

You can connect an optional speaker/microphone and earphone (neither 
supplied, available at your local RadioShack store) to the radio.

Your radio's other features include:

           14-Channels - provides clear communications for up to two miles

4 User-Selectable Call - lets you select the alert tone.

          Channel Scan - can be used to find other FRS users.

A Quick Look at Your Radio

Your 14 Channel Personal FRS 2-Way Radio has the following controls:

  PTT (Push to Talk) button        MODE button
  MON (Monitor button)             CALL button
  VOL/OFF switch                   Display screen

(EB 9/21/00)

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