Dynamic Microphone  (210-1172C)       Pinouts          Faxback Doc. # 6748


Different CB transceivers might have different connector pin functions.
The following chart shows the function and operation of the pins in the
microphone cord's DIN plug.  This information is provided in case you
need to rewire the plug to be compatible with your CB transceiver.

Caution:  Wiring errors can damage your transceiver or microphone, or
          cause illegal transmissions.  If you are unsure about how to
          rewire the plug, do not risk damaging your equipment or
          violating FCC regulations.

If you plan to use the microphone with a Radio Shack CB transceiver, take
the microphone and transceiver to your local Radio Shack store for
assistance.  If you plan to use the microphone with any other brand of
CB transceiver, consult a local technician who is familiar with that
brand.  Only an accurate circuit analysis can ensure proper compatibility
between the microphone and the transceiver.


Pin Number       Button Out (Receive)          Button In (Transmit)

   1             Shield/Ground                  Shield/Ground
   2             Connected to Pin 4             Floating Free
   3             Floating Free                  Grounded to Pin 1
   4             Connected to Pin 2             Audio "Hot"
   5             Ground to Pin 1                Floating Free


To connect the microphone, insert the microphone's plug into the CB's
jack, matching the plug's tab with the jack's notch.

Caution:  Do not force the plug.  It fits into the jack in only one way.

To remove the microphone, press in the microphone's PUSH OUT tab and pull
out the plug.


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