DSP Noise Reduction System  (210-0543)    Features      Faxback Doc. # 6407

The Radio Shack DSP Communication Noise Reduction System is a computer
controlled digital signal processor with a built-in audio amplifier and
speaker.  It is designed for use with all communication receivers
including ham, short wave, HF marine, and CB radios.  The DSP (Digital
Signal Processing) circuit dramatically reduces heterodynes (annoying
tones) and reduces background noise from incoming signals.

The system includes these features:

Selectable Low-Pass DSP NR
(Noise Reduction) Filters - Reject heterodynes and reduce back ground
                            channel noise from communications receivers.

   5-Watt Audio Amplifier - For plenty of audio output.

    External Speaker Jack - Lets you connect an external speaker with a
                            1/8-inch plug to the DSP to enhance sound.

  Morse Code (CW) Filters - Allows clean reception of Morse code signals.

     SSB Bandpass Filters - Help allow clean reception of SSB (single
                            side-band) signals.

            DSP Indicator - Shows you the optimum input audio level.

         Output Volume/
         Power-On Control - Lets you adjust the volume after you turn
                            on the system.

       Power On Indicator - Shows you when the system is on.

         Mounting Bracket - Lets you mount the system in your vehicle.

Note:  You can power the system from a 12-volt DC power cord source with
       the supplied power cord or from a standard AC outlet with an
       optional adapter.


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