PRO-34 Programmable Scanner
(200-0135)                 Preparation                Faxback Doc. # 48551


Your PRO-34 can be powered from the following three sources:

  Internal batteries.

  Your vehicle's battery (using an optional DC adapter).

  A standard AC outlet (using an optional AC adapter).

Installing or Replacing Batteries

Your PRO-34 uses six AA batteries for power.  For longest operation and
best performance, we recommend alkaline batteries (Cat. No. 23-552).  Or,
you can use rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries (Cat. No. 23-125).

BATT flashes in the display and a beep sounds every three seconds when the
batteries are low.  When this happens replace all six batteries

CAUTION:  The PRO-34 has a built-in circuit that lets you recharge nickel/
          cadmium batteries inside the scanner.  However, you must not use
          this circuit when non-rechargeable batteries are installed in
          the PRO-34.  Be sure to read "Important Information about
          External Adapters" and "Charging Nickel-Cadmium Batteries",

1.  Remove the battery compartment cover by pressing down on the arrow and
    sliding the cover in the direction of the arrow.

2.  Remove the battery holder from the battery compartment and remove any
    old batteries.  Then, install six AA batteries, observing the polarity
    (+ and -) marked on the battery holder.

3.  Place the battery holder in the compartment so that the holder's metal
    contacts line up with the metal contacts in the battery compartment.

4.  Replace the battery compartment cover.

Important Information about External Adapters

The PRO-34 has two external power jacks - PWR and CHG.  It is important
that you understand the purpose of each jack before you connect any
adapter to the PRO-34.  Improper use of the jacks can damage the scanner
and/or the power adapter.

The PWR jack powers the scanner and disconnects the internal batteries.
You can use this jack with an external power source regardless of the type
batteries installed.

The CHG jack supplies power for operating the scanner and also applies
power to the internal batteries to charge them.  Use the CHG jack only
when you have installed rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries.  Never use
the CHG jack with non-rechargeable batteries.  If you attempt to recharge
non-rechargeable batteries, they become very hot and could even explode.

Using an AC Power Source

To power the PRO-34 from AC power you need RadioShack's AC adapter (Cat.
No. 273-1455).

Use of another adapter could damage your scanner or the adapter.

1.  Plug the adapter's plug into the PRO-34's PWR jack.

    Note:  If you have installed rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries in
           your PRO-34, you can connect the AC adapter to the CHG jack.
           This powers the scanner and recharges the batteries at the same
           time.  See "Charging Nickel-Cadmium Batteries", below.

2.  Plug the adapter power module into a standard AC outlet.

3.  When you finish using the AC adapter, disconnect it from the AC
    outlet.  Then, disconnect it from the PWR jack.

Using a DC Adapter

You can power the PRO-34 from your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket,
provided the vehicle has a 12-volt, negative-ground electrical system.  To
do so, you need RadioShack's Universal DC Adapter (Cat. No. 270-1560).

Note:  Mobile use of a scanner is unlawful or requires a permit in some
       areas.  Check the laws in your area.

       Use of a DC adapter other than the one we recommend could damage
       the scanner or the adapter.

1.  Connect the adapter's green barrel plug to the adapter's power cable
    with the tip set to NEG (negative).

2.  Set the adapter's voltage switch to 9V.

3.  Insert the adapter's barrel plug into the PRO-34's PWR jack.

    Note:  If you have installed rechargeable batteries in the PR-34, you
           can connect the DC adapter to the CHG jack.  This powers the
           scanner and recharges the batteries at the same time.  See
           "Charging Nickel-Cadmium Batteries", below.

4.  Plug the other end of the adapter into your vehicle's cigarette
    lighter socket.

    Note:  If the scanner does not operate properly when you use a DC
           adapter, unplug the adapter from the lighter socket and clean
           the socket to remove ashes and other debris.

5.  When you finish using the DC adapter, disconnect it from the cigarette
    lighter.  Then, disconnect it from the PRO-34.


The PRO-34 has a built-in circuit that recharges nickel-cadmium batteries.
To charge the batteries, simply connect an AC or DC adapter to the CHG
jack as explained in "Power Sources", above.

CAUTION:  Do not connect either adapter to the CHG jack if you have not
          installed rechargeable batteries.  Non-rechargeable batteries
          can become hot and even explode if you try to recharge them.

It takes 10 to 18 hours to recharge batteries that are fully discharged.
You can operate the PRO-34 while recharging nickel-cadmium batteries, but
the charging time is lengthened.

Charging Hints:

Rechargeable lead-acid batteries, such as your car battery, work best and
last longest when you keep them fully charged.  Nickel-cadmium batteries,
like those you use in this unit, react opposite of this.  They last longer
and deliver more power if you occasionally let them discharge completely.
To do this, simply use the scanner until "BATT" appears and the unit
begins to beep.  Then, fully charge the batteries.

If you do not let nickel-cadmium batteries discharge, they lose the
ability to use their full capacity.

Note:  The first time you use a set of nickel-cadmium batteries, you need
       to charge them at least 24 hours to bring them to a full charge.


Attach the flexible antenna to the ANT (antenna) jack on top of your
PRO-34.  Slip the slot in the antenna's connector over the protrusion on
the ANT jack, and rotate the antenna's connector until it locks into

The ANT jack on your PRO-34 makes it easy to use your scanner with a
variety of antennas.  The supplied antenna can be removed if you wish to
try a different one.  You can attach an external mobile antenna or outdoor
base antenna.

Use coaxial cable to connect an outdoor antenna.  Always use 50 Ohm
coaxial cable.  For lengths over 50 feet, use RG8 low-loss dielectric
coaxial cable.


For private listening, plug an earphone into the EAR jack on top of your
PRO-34.  This automatically disconnects the speaker.  We recommend
RadioShack's earphone, Cat. No. 33-175.  In a noisy environment, mono
headphones (Cat. No. 20-210) make listening easier.


In a noisy area, an extension speaker such as RadioShack's Cat. No. 21-549
positioned in the right place, might provide more comfortable listening.
Plug the speaker cable's 1/8-inch mini-plug into the PRO-34's EAR jack.

(LB/eb 7/1/98)

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