PRO-2020 Scanner
(200-0112)                 Operation                  Faxback Doc. # 45530

Operating Your Pro-2020

Turn on your Pro-2020 by rotating [VOLUME] clockwise.  (When first turned
on, your Pro-2020 may start scanning).

Rotate [SQUELCH] fully counterclockwise.  You'll hear a rushing noise from
the speaker.  Slowly rotate [SQUELCH] clockwise until the noise just stops.
You're now ready to start entering frequencies.

Programming Frequencies

Before programming frequencies, make sure your Pro-2020 is turned on and
the SQUELCH is adjusted.

Suppose you want to program Channel 1 to receive 162.55 MHz.  Here's how
you would do it:

1.  Press [MANUAL] and select channel 1.  You can do this in two ways:
    press [MANUAL] continuously until the Display indicates Channel 1 or
    by pressing [1] [MANUAL].

2.  Press [PROGRAM] to enter the programming mode.

3.  Enter the desired frequency.  In this case, press the [1] [6] [2] [.]
    [5] [5] keys.  Check the display to make sure the frequency it shows
    is the one you meant to program.  If it is, press the [ENTER] key.

4.  To add more frequencies, just press [PROGRAM] to advance to the next
    channel and follow the steps above.

5.  If you ever want to change the frequency entered for a specific
    channel, just enter the new frequency "over" the old frequency using
    steps 1, 2, and 3.

Make a mistake while entering the frequency?  Just press [CLEAR], enter the
correct frequency and press [ENTER].  If you're entering a new frequency in
place of an old one, the old frequency won't be "erased" when you press
[CLEAR].  It will remain stored on that channel until you correctly enter a
new frequency and press [ENTER].

You'll hear a "peep" sound as you press the various keys.  This lets you
know the key has been properly "entered" into your Pro-2020.

Using the Scanning Function

Your Pro-2020 will automatically scan all the channels you've programmed
and stop whenever it finds a signal.  To scan channels, just press the
[SCAN] key.

To stop scanning, just press [MANUAL] and you can select specific channels
you want to listen to.

IMPORTANT!  Your Pro-2020 won't scan unless SQUELCH is set to the point
            where no sound is heard if a signal isn't being received.

Delay Function

When your Pro-2020 is scanning, it will stop whenever it finds a signal on
a channel.  As soon as the signal ends, the scanning function will resume.
Most communications heard will be two-way.  To make sure you don't miss any
replies, press [DELAY].  This will cause your Pro-2020 to stay on a channel
for two seconds after the end of a transmission, giving you time to hear
any reply.  To release the Delay function, just press [DELAY] again.  The
Delay indicator will show on the display when the Delay function is used.

Lockout Function

You may want your Pro-2020 to "skip over" certain frequencies while it's
scanning (such as continuously transmitted weather broadcasts).  To "lock
out" such channels, follow these steps:

1.  Press [MANUAL] to stop scanning.  Continue to press [MANUAL] to
    advance to the channel you want to lock out.

2.  When you reach the channel, press [LOCK OUT].  The display will show
    [o] to indicate this channel will be skipped over during scanning.

3.  To release the lockout, press [MANUAL] to stop scanning.  Advance to
    the channel that is locked out and press [LOCK OUT] once again.  [o]
    will disappear from the display.

If you use the lockout function on all channels, scanning will be
impossible - you'll only be able to change channels using [MANUAL].

Speed Selection

Your Pro-2020 will normally scan channels at a rate of four channels per
second.  If you press [SPEED], channels will be scanned at a rate of nine
per second.  Press [SPEED] again to return to a rate of four channels per

Priority Function

You might want to scan other channels yet not miss a call on a channel of
particular interest to you (police, fire, ambulance, etc.).  The Priority
function will let you scan other channels - but if a call is received on
the Priority channel, your Pro-2020 will automatically switch to the
Priority channel!

1.  Only Channel 1 can be used as Priority Channel: Key in the desired
    Priority frequency into Channel 1.

2.  Priority function works only when the unit is in Scan or Manual mode.

3.  Press [PRIORITY] to start Priority function.  A [P] will appear on the

4.  Press [MANUAL] or [SCAN] to listen to other channels.  Your Pro-2020
    will check the Priority channel and switch to it if a signal is
    received on it.

5.  To cancel Priority function, press [PRIORITY] again.  the [P] will
    disappear from the display.


One great feature of your Pro-2020 is its ability to "search" for
frequencies being used.  This means you can hear all the action on the
airwaves in your area!  To use this great feature, just follow these steps:

1.  Press [PROGRAM] key.

2.  Press [LIMIT] key.  Enter the lower limit of frequency range to be
    searched (such as 45.00 MHz).  Press [ENTER].

3.  Press [LIMIT] key again.  Enter the upper limit of frequency range to
    be searched (such as 46.00 MHz).  Press [ENTER].

4.  Press either [up arrow] or [down arrow] to start Search.  [Down arrow]
    will start search from the highest frequency and go down.  [Up arrow]
    will start from the lowest frequency and go up.

5.  You can control the speed of the search by using the [SPEED] key to
    accelerate or to slow down the search.

6.  Search will stop when a frequency is found with a signal.  To restart
    search, press [up arrow] or [down arrow].

In Program Mode, search range will be displayed each time [LIMIT] is
pressed.  It is impossible to change the lower frequency only: to change
lower frequency you must change higher frequency first.  The higher
frequency can be changed any time.

Storing Frequencies

If you want to enter some of the frequencies found during search, do this:

1.  Press [MONITOR] when your Pro-2020 finds a frequency you want to store.

2.  Use [MANUAL] key to select a channel to enter the frequency your Pro-
    2020 found.  The display will show the frequency currently stored on
    the channel, but don't worry - the old frequency will be erased when
    you start to enter the new one.

3.  Press [PROGRAM].

4.  Press [MONITOR] again.  The new frequency found during the search will
    be displayed.

5.  Press [ENTER] to put the new frequency into the channel in place of
    the old frequency.

6.  Press either [up arrow] or [down arrow] to resume the search.  To
    return to manual or program operation, press [MANUAL] or [PROGRAM].
    To resume the search from one of the limit frequencies, press [LIMIT]
    and then [up arrow] or [down arrow].

Error Indications

Sometimes when you try to enter a frequency for a channel or as a search
range limit, you may find an ------ on the display.  This means the
frequency is in error and you won't be able to enter it into your Pro-2020.

Such frequency errors usually mean you've entered a frequency outside the
ranges your Pro-20202 operates on (such as 225.00 MHz) or you've put the
decimal point in the wrong place (14.682 MHz instead of 146.82 MHz).  Check
carefully to find your mistake and then press [CLEAR].  You can now enter
the correct frequency.

(wr 07/31/98)

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