Short-Wave Antenna Booster
(200-0280)                 Controls                   Faxback Doc. # 40031

Following is a description of the controls and their functions on your
Short-Wave Antenna Booster.

CONTROL                 FUNCTION

POWER Switch            For turning the antenna booster's power ON or OFF.

BAND Select Switch      For selecting either one of two short-wave (SW)
                        bands, A or B.

Telescoping Antenna     Gently pull the antenna out from the unit about 3/8
                        of an inch, then extend the antenna to its full
                        length and point it straight up to get the best
                        reception possible.

Battery Compartment     Install a 9 VDC alkaline battery for battery 
(in back of unit)       operation.

9 VDC Jack              Connect the optional AC adapter to this jack to
                        operate the antenna booster on AC power.

TUNING Control          Adjust this knob to select the frequency of the
                        short-wave (SW) signal to be amplified by the
                        antenna booster.

RADIO Jack              Connect the supplied mini-cable to this jack, then
                        connect the mini-cable to the short-wave (SW) radio.

GAIN Control            Adjust this knob to control the amount of amplifi-
                        cation of the received short-wave (SW) signal.

(EB 6/13/97)

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